Saved By The Bell's Mario Lopez Recalls 'Little Fight' With Elizabeth Berkley, And It's The Most Hollywood Thing Ever

Friendships have come and gone over the years for everyone, and the true test of friendship is knowing whether or not they can withstand anything, like camera angles. Mario Lopez, known to most as A.C. Slater from Saved By the Bell, recently spoke out about a fight he had with co-star Elizabeth Berkley, and it is definitely Hollywood.

Joshua Hoffman as Eric and Elizabeth Berkley as Jessie Spano on Saved By the Bell.

The Access Hollywood anchor serves as a guest host on an upcoming episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where he was joined by Elizabeth Berkley. Lopez reminisced about the two of them presenting together at the People’s Choice Awards last November, where the two of them had a friendly debate about a specific aspect of the show:

The last time we saw each other in person was at the People's Choice Awards, and we got into a little fight backstage before. As you can see, I want to point out to our viewers, you're on the left side—you're standing on the left side—which is usually the side I like to stand on, purely for superstitious reasons. It's like a good luck thing.

According to Mario Lopez, Elizabeth Berkley had her own reason for wanting to be on that side. Berkley then quickly made sure to tell her side of the story, and the result proves that after all these years, these two Saved by the Bell alums are still perfect together:

Lopez: You like to do it because you rock your hair a certain way, and because of the part, correct?Berkley: No, no, no! Superstitious, or you like that side? No, we didn't get into like a real fight. It was our playful banter, but like brother-sister.

Mario Lopez and Elizabeth Berkley played on-again/off-again couple A.C. Slater and Jessie Spano during the show’s four-season run. The two reprised their characters in Peacock’s Saved By the Bell revival, which sees Slater as Bayside High’s gym teacher and Jessie as the guidance counselor. Lopez and Berkley had been close ever since the original series ended, even supporting one another on Dancing With the Stars during their respective seasons. They even reunited with former co-stars Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Tiffani Thiessen and Dennis Haskins for a sketch on The Tonight Show.

With the sequel series earning a 10-episode second season renewal from Peacock, there’s no doubt that Mario Lopez and Elizabeth Berkley will continue their budding chemistry off and on screen. It’s nice to know that even after so many years, the two of them are still as close as ever and won’t even let a little fight get in the way of their friendship, which will surely last forever.

While you wait for the new season of Saved by the Bell, be sure to stream Season 1 as well as seasons of the classic show on Peacock now.

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