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Eliminated American Idol Contestant Just Got An Awesome Job Offer From Frozen's Josh Gad

American Idol recently featured Season 19's greatest snub to date when Luke Bryan, Katy Perry, and Lionel Richie sent Philip Murphy home, but the competition's unique singer-songwriter may already have a great opportunity on the horizon. The singer's musical chops caught the eye and ear of Frozen star Josh Gad, who just laid out a stellar offer for Murphy.

American Idol's judges may not have felt that Philip Murphy was right for their show, but Josh Gad evidently thinks the singer is a perfect fit for his. Gad tagged Murphy's Twitter account after he saw the elimination, and asked if he would be a part of his series Central Park.

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Winning American Idol is a great honor, but isn't the end goal to make a career out of music? This is great news for Philip Murphy, who had no shortage of disgruntled American Idol fans in his corner after he wasn't chosen to be in the Top 24 of Season 19. As disappointing as that was, it looks like he'll get a chance to showcase his music to the masses anyway, as Murphy responded to Gad and took him up on the offer not five minutes later.

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Philip Murphy, or simply "Murphy" as he went by on American Idol, wasn't the only notable snub of Season 19. With that said, his unique tone of voice, original songwriting, and amazing guitar playing ability made him a quick standout and a heavy favorite by some to go far in the competition. He checked all the boxes of a contestant similar to Alejandro Aranda, who took the competition by storm in Season 17.

And now, like Alejandro Aranda and a few others before him, Philip Murphy could be an American Idol alum to find success without having won the actual competition. There's only an offer on the table for now for him to write a song for Central Park, and obviously, things could fall through. Should he succeed, though, and the song is well-received, there's no telling what doors could open for this young man in the future.

Though American Idol's judges did acknowledge Philip Murphy was talented, all their critiques centered around concern he'd have a mainstream appeal. The complaint felt a little ridiculous to some, given it wasn't that Murphy was a bad singer and that he found a good deal of popularity after appearing in episodes. Of course, the Idol judges made their decisions long before America first saw Murphy, so hindsight is always 20/20. Murphy definitely feels like a competitor the show would have back, though should his career skyrocket by the next time a season rolls around, he may need to decline any offer that might come.

American Idol airs on ABC Sundays and Mondays at 8:00 p.m. ET. With the Top 24 selected, things should heat up and really get intense in the coming weeks, which could mean some more controversy is on the way for Season 19.

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