After Chris Harrison Controversy, Now Another Bachelor Nation Show Is Having Troubles

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It’s certainly no secret that Bachelor Nation is going through a rocky patch. The Chris Harrison interview controversy and his subsequent exit from hosting duties has prompted a domino effect of changes for the longstanding reality franchise. Most recently, it seems one of Bachelor Nation’s spinoffs is facing troubles for a new season.

Bachelor in Paradise’s Season 7 was initially shelved in 2020 because of the coronavirus pandemic. It has since been reported that the new season could potentially happen this year amidst filming for the two back-to-back seasons of The Bachelorette. Yet sources have indicated to E! Online that Bachelor in Paradise is having a hard time actually casting for the new season. Supposedly, most want no part in it. According to one of the sources,

Casting has begun and some members of Bachelor Nation are apprehensive to sign up. Some are wondering what direction the season will take and are curious if it will strictly focus on contestants falling in love.

The apprehension of these former members is evidently rooted in not wanting to be associated with Bachelor Nation following the Chris Harrison controversy. This isn’t too far-fetched, either. It isn’t the best idea to come back into a franchise on the heels of various faux pas and misdeeds, unless you are completely sure you wouldn’t embarrass yourself. Case in point, I doubt Rachael Kirkconnell is being asked back to Bachelor Nation, or would even consider coming back, given the backlash to her past actions that were revealed while The Bachelor Season 25 was airing.

Sources actually allege that “most of the women from Matt [James]’s season” are not being considered for the next season of Bachelor in Paradise. If that is the case, perhaps the goal is to avoid the inevitable follow-up questions and gossip surrounding this past controversial season. Regardless, the question of including women from The Bachelor Season 25 or not could be a difficult tightrope to walk on, because they could be damned if they did or damned if they didn’t.

On the other hand, the sources allege that the likes of Blake Horstmann (Bachelor in Paradise Season 6), Tia Booth (Bachelor in Paradise Season 5) and Becca Kufrin (The Bachelorette Season 14) are among some of those being eyed by the ABC network. There is even speculation that “two years’ worth” of cast will be brought in to make up for last year. That’s potentially dozens more lovesick hopefuls running around a Mexico beach…

As of yet, none of the details on casting or production for Bachelor in Paradise have been publicly confirmed. But if the rumors are true and former Bachelor Nation contestants are afraid to sign up for love, the likelihood of a new season happening on such a tight schedule seem smaller and smaller. Then again, the rose must go on…right?

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