What Does The Bachelorette Getting Two Seasons Mean For Bachelor In Paradise In 2021?

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Bachelor Nation is a home with many houses. The ABC franchise juggles several different stories and locales during the year, much like Bravo’s Real Housewives franchise. But Covid-19 production delays and breaking news of two back-to-back Bachelorette seasons this year poses a predicament for the fate of Bachelor in Paradise in the interim.

It is likely that Bachelor in Paradise will be delayed yet again, if it will happen at all. Season 7 was shelved last year because of the pandemic, but the network is reportedly adamant about a new season this year, according to Variety. Still, it gives me a grade-A migraine headache just crunching the timeline between production for it and two new Bachelorettes, though.

In the past, Bachelor in Paradise films in the summer, usually June, with it airing between August and September. As for The Bachelorette, just one season is typically filmed in March with a late May premiere. ABC is now aiming for a summer and fall premiere this year for the two Bachelorettes, Katie Thurston and Michelle Young. Imagine having to squeak in Bachelor in Paradise amidst that intense schedule? Oy vey.

The schedule might be tight, but it would be worth it for fans of the widely successful spinoffs. The fact that The Bachelorette seasons will also feature two of the women from Matt James’ controversial season will also likely be a draw for the audience. Though Katie Thurston and Michelle Young didn’t win James’ heart, they did manage to win the love of fans for their frank honesty and positivity during a particularly intense season of bullying. ABC has yet to confirm who will be featured on any future Bachelor in Paradise.

With the push for Bachelor in Paradise and two Bachelorette seasons, it is possible that ABC could be building on the Chris Harrison scandal that everyone is commenting on. Though his exit has been a contentious one for fans who are attached to him as host of Bachelor Nation, with Harrison himself even supposedly lawyering up in the aftermath, there's no doubt his absence would be keenly felt and discussed, specifically in regard to how good or bad the new seasons are without him.

Chris Harrison has been replaced on The Bachelorette by dual hosts Tayshia Adams and Kaitlyn Bristowe, who recently reacted to their new gigs. So far, it sounds like the two are plenty exciting to take on their new jobs.

Given the huge backlash for contestants and host alike from the last season of The Bachelor, it’s a wonder that anyone would want to put themselves out there on Bachelor in Paradise or any of the spinoffs. Then again, being marooned on a beach in Mexico doesn't sound half bad these days. We'll be sure to keep you posted on more Bachelor Nation news as it arrives.

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