The Rock Jokes About Why Andre The Giant Took A Liking To Him In Larger-Than-Life Post

Matt Willing as Andre the Giant on Young Rock

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has lived and breathed professional wrestling since birth. As the son of a professional wrestler, spent his childhood traveling from country to country as part of his father’s occupation. Eventually, Johnson became close with his father’s wrestling buddies, which is a pretty cool perk that comes with such a childhood. One of those close buddies was deceased wrestling great Andre the Giant. Recently, the actor joked on social media about the reason why the legendary wrestler took a liking to him.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Andre the Giant’s bond went beyond the wrestling ring. The actor, who never hesitates to reflect on his early years, shared some childhood stories about growing up around the legendary wrestler. Johnson’s sitcom put that relationship on display. While promoting Young Rock, he joked about a key similarity the two shared on Twitter:

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Andre the Giant is the latest wrestling legend the NBC sitcom has highlighted. As evidenced by Dwayne Johnson’s words, the two shared a special connection, highlighted by their bond. You also have to love the fact that The Rock could feel a kinship with the late wrestler through their similar hairstyles.

As Dwayne Johnson pointed out, Andre the Giant was a father figure for him when his father couldn’t be. Johnson’s feelings towards the famous wrestler are understandable given how Andre the Giant shaped his childhood. His perspective fell in line with multiple stories of other famous characters from wrestling’s golden age. André René Roussimoff, who was better known by his stage name, was called gentle and kind despite his intimidating size.

Besides Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s post, Andre the Giant’s name has been on people’s minds after a recent episode of Young Rock. He was portrayed by actor Matt Willig, who spoke on playing the larger-than-life wrestler with Cinemablend. Willig delved into how emotional the episode was, particularly in the way that it showed the late wrestler and Johnson’s close relationship.

The biggest pull of Young Rock is the show’s homage to legendary wrestlers such as Andre the Giant. Before the series premiered, Dwayne Johnson spoke on highlighting certain WWF/WWE figures he grew up around. As his father was a key figure in professional wrestling’s golden age, it's fitting that the wrestler-turned-actor pays tribute to the men and women who helped shape and mold him. Telling Andre's story is telling the history of wrestling’s mainstream breakthrough.

Seeing Andre the Giant on Young Rock and Dwayne Johnson's post recalls the glory days of professional wrestling. His joke about their bond speaks to his fondness for the late wrestler. If you want to check out more Andre the Giant, new episodes of Young Rock air Tuesdays on NBC at 8 p.m. ET.

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