The Rock Just Detailed All The Major Injuries He's Been Through Over The Years And Ouch

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You don’t get a nickname like “The Rock” for just anything, and Dwayne Johnson has just proven another reason why his personal brand still sticks. As a WWE legend, and an action movie dominator, Johnson isn’t a stranger to the rough stuff that comes out of physical performance. He’s now shared a list of all his major injuries to prove it. While the post we’re about to show doesn't boast any gore, you might cringe at the rundown of every sling and arrow this gregarious goliath has suffered.

We’ll give you a little more time to prepare, because this Instagram post is actually really damned funny. Dwayne Johnson compares himself to “a wounded, passed out drunk buffalo, laying face down in prairies,” as we see him face down with some sort of apparatus attached to his person. Pins and clips are hooked onto Johnson, and the injuries/surgeries listed below are exactly why:

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Should you have entered this story a misguided soul who thought the most horrific thing that happened to Dwayne Johnson was that horrific CGI job in The Mummy Returns, this should be all the knowledge you need to correct that assumption. It’s no wonder that the recurring storyline of Johnson’s Spencer Strasmore character on HBO’s Ballers was such a deep dive, as the man himself has gone through enough injuries to know how it feels to be in such pain. And somehow, Johnson still endures, while also taking care of his pain levels through therapies such as the one we see above.

I mean, movies like Skyscraper, Hobbs and Shaw or even the upcoming Red Notice aren’t made in a vacuum of pain. And you know Dwayne Johnson is probably out doing as many of his own stunts as he can in the name of keeping himself firm and fit. But even the most rote of body slams, jump kicks or getting punched by Ryan Reynolds has to take some sort of toll.

The world of action looks glamorous when you see Dwayne Johnson, or even other superstars like Tom Cruise, build enduring legacies of ass-kicking after really harsh injuries. But the reality is that it's hard work that leads to some dings and scratches. Johnson sharing the other side of the scene should serve as an example of why action movies are just as important as any prestige picture, because the acting and physicality that goes into your favorite foot chases and fist fights comes with a cost.

Since Dwayne Johnson is one of the busiest people in show business, it’s not surprising that Hobbs & Shaw 2 is going to be some time off in the future. Though the added bonus to that wait is that maybe, just maybe, Johnson can take something easy like a voice acting gig, or a drama of some sort. It’s not likely unless there’s a special twist to said production, but one could hope. In any case, stay safe out there, Dwayne; there aren’t many buffalo on the prairie quite like you.

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