Channing Tatum's Magic Mike Is Being Turned Into TV's Thirstiest Reality Show

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Magic Mike is making a comeback, but not in the form of another movie starring Channing Tatum or even a scripted TV show. A different kind of project is on the way, and although Tatum is indeed involved, don't expect him to shed his clothes like he did in 2012's Magic Mike and 2015's Magic Mike XXL, which was arguably better than the original. A reality show is coming to HBO Max, and here's what to expect.

HBO Max has ordered a reality competition series with the working title of The Real Magic Mike, with Magic Mike star Channing Tatum on board as executive producer. The series is described by the streaming service as "exhilarating and sexy" as it follows the transformation of a group of ten men who have "lost their magic" into real-life Magic Mikes.

A goal of the series will unsurprisingly be to evolve their bodies and learn how to perform routines, but The Real Magic Mike's aim goes beyond turning them into the potential next strip show stars. In the process of competing, the men will "bare their souls" (and more) to develop self-confidence, get rid of emotional baggage, and "regain their mojo."

That said, The Real Magic Mike will be a competition, not an outlet for these men to go on emotional journeys without their eyes on a prize. The competitor who wins the title of Real Magic Mike will get a cash prize on top of an opportunity to perform in Las Vegas as part of the Magic Mike Live show.

It's not clear at this point who will be judging the competition or what criteria will be used to advance and cut competitors, but this is definitely a new kind of reality competition series, and releasing on HBO Max presumably means it can get a lot more risqué than if it aired on a broadcast network or basic cable channel. A nationwide casting search is already underway.

Channing Tatum also isn't the only Magic Mike movie veteran who will be part of the HBO Max series. Steven Soderbergh, who directed Magic Mike and worked on Magic Mike XXL, is also an executive producer for The Real Magic Mike. HBO Max Head of Original Content Sarah Aubrey had this to say about the coming reality competition show from the hit franchise:

From box office hits to sold-out live shows, Magic Mike has proven to be a pop culture juggernaut that continues to delight people across the globe. We’re excited to work with Channing, Steven and the team behind Magic Mike Live to continue this successful franchise that celebrates self-confidence and sexiness both inside and out.

HBO Max hasn't announced a release date for The Real Magic Mike, but the series is intended for a 2021 release. With casting already underway, the wait to see the reality competition take on Magic Mike may not be too terribly long. It should be interesting to see how much Channing Tatum appears in front of the camera, if at all. He's on board the show as an executive producer. Assuming there's a host for the show, one has yet to be announced.

For now, you can find Magic Mike streaming on HBO Max, along with plenty of other options. This isn't the first of Channing Tatum's movies to result in a TV show, but The Real Magic Mike sounds like it couldn't be much more different from the Step Up series, which originally debuted on YouTube before making the move to Starz with some additions to the cast.

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