Law And Order: Organized Crime And 3 Other Big NBC Premieres That Are Now Delayed Until 2021

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It's been clear for quite some time that fall TV would look a bit different this year, with several shows being unable to even complete filming on the episodes which had been planned for the 2019-2020 television season. Still, many of the networks, over the summer, put out fall schedules which touted a return to normalcy. But, some of the shows we were hoping to see by the end of this year simply won't be able to go into production soon enough, and NBC has now joined other networks in adjusting their schedules. This means that there are now four major premieres which had been set for this fall, that will have to wait until 2021.

Luckily, according to Deadline, there will actually be some debuts for new or returning shows on NBC before we hit January 2021, but some of the most anticipated shows now have to wait until after the holidays. Unfortunately, this means that fans of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Manifest, New Amsterdam, and the highly anticipated Law & Order: SVU spinoff Law & Order: Organized Crime, will have to wait a bit longer to check out their favorites.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

It was in June that NBC released its planned fall schedule, and while it seemed like a good possibility that the cop comedy Brooklyn Nine-Nine would see Season 8 begin in the fall, it now appears that some very real life issues might have delayed the series. In the wake of nation-wide Black Lives Matter protests, star Terry Crews said that the show's writers and actors had been having serious talks about how to have real concerns over how cops are portrayed on TV, as well as how to address the protests and events that led up to them, worked into the comedy when it returns.

It was just a few days later, when Crews said that the desire to address racism and police brutality on Brooklyn Nine-Nine led to the writers throwing out the four scripts they had completed for the new season, so that they could start fresh. And, while there's been no confirmation that this did lead to the show getting pushed to 2021, it would be a very good reason for the delay.


The mystery-filled airplane disappearance drama Manifest hit the ground running when it debuted in the fall of 2018, and kept viewers hooked with all of its twisty clues about how a plane full of people could completely go off the grid but then show up five years later with everyone alive and still the same age.

Manifest will now be going into Season 3 when it returns to the small screen, and its core group of fans still seem to be enamored of the building intrigue surrounding the previously missing plane. While not a blockbuster performer, there are just enough people who check in weekly for the insane revelations and crazy plot twists for NBC to make a deal and bring the series back, so that audiences can get some answers for all those major cliffhangers.

New Amsterdam

After only two seasons, medical drama New Amsterdam has already ensnared many a viewer with its topical storylines, and a lot of personal conflicts for its main characters, including one very wished-for romance between some (almost more than) friendly physicians. Season 3 already has plans to explore a story which deals with our current health crisis, but there is certainly a lot more on the way.

Helen is definitely going to start dating Daniel Dae Kim's new doctor, Cassian Shin, but it also sounds like Shin's medical methods could lead to some tensions between himself and Helen's good buddy, Max. We're also likely to see more with Iggy's food issues, as well as a deeper exploration of the family problems being faced by both Kapoor, and Lauren. But, fans will have to wait until next year to see how these stories pan out.

Law & Order: Organized Crime

I gotta admit, folks, of all the NBC shows which are now being pushed to 2021, having to wait any extra length of time for this premiere really stings. The new show will see Law & Order: SVU's Elliot Stabler (and actor Christopher Meloni) return to the L&O franchise full time since departing almost 10 years ago. Fans have been begging for the character to come back, and while we're still expected to see him (and some blistering chemistry with Benson) in the season premiere of SVU, we'll have to wait a bit longer for him and Organized Crime to make their debut.

One thing the creatives behind Law & Order: Organized Crime won't have to worry about will be trying to figure out how to handle police brutality or racism in the force, as the new drama will see Stabler fighting the mob as he deals with the police force seeing a reckoning which makes his old way of doing things quite a bit more difficult.

We don't know when any of these series will debut in 2021 right now, but be sure to stay tuned to CinemaBlend for the latest. In the meantime, check out our guide to fall TV to see what you can watch in the coming weeks!

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