How NCIS Will Handle Bishop And Torres’ Relationship In Season 18

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NCIS fans have been waiting quite a while for Bishop and Torres to potentially get together after all those hints in the past season. Now that NCIS Season 17 has drawn to an abrupt end, viewers will have to wait and see what Season 18 has in store for the potential couple.

No, you did not miss anything. NCIS has not been officially renewed for Season 18 by CBS…yet. It signed off with an unusual (and impromptu) finale on April 14. Thankfully, waiting for a renewal has not stopped NCIS’s executive producer, Frank Cardea, from teasing how the series will handle Bishop and Torres’ relationship in Season 18. Asked where he sees them heading, Cardea told TV Insider:

They've become very close and very dependent upon each other, and our show has a history of playing with relationships like that. There's certainly the Tiva relationship for so many years that the audience has seemed to enjoy, and they seem to enjoy this relationship now. We will pursue that. We'll keep looking at that.

Getting compared to Tony and Ziva’s epic romance certainly spells something promising in the works. Of course, they only recently got a happy ending after many (emphasis on many) seasons of turmoil. It sounds like NCIS has a similar game plan in mind for Torres and Bishop’s relationship when it continues in Season 18.

NCIS clearly knows that fans are invested in seeing the two’s romantic tension combust. It has been a tumultuous wait as the recently-ended season saw the CBS drama seem to back away from Torres and Bishop’s romance after that Valentine’s Day episode. Yes, even after Torres had to fight for his life. Will Season 18 offer more forward movement?

NCIS’ executive producer leaves that very much to the imagination. The Tony/Ziva reference definitely does not offer the sense that anything will be happening incredibly soon. Wilmer Valderrama has previously shared what he wants to see from Torres’ relationship with Bishop. It will be compelling to learn how that corresponds to what happens in Season 18.

At least, NCIS' boss says Bishop and Torres are “very close.” One thing that some may be wary about is having this will-they won’t-they tension drag out forever. Fans tend to need something to help tide them over. Will Season 18 be the one to supply it? Or will smoldering romantic tension have to suffice? Getting a baby for Christmas can only take a fan so far.

It is not as if Bishop and Torres getting romantic was teased yesterday. Hints at a pairing came along some time ago, and even back then, the Tony and Ziva arc had been strongly alluded to. Let’s hope that Bishop does not have to fake her death on NCIS before being able to reunite with Torres and their daughter someday.

Well, at least that development would mean they had a daughter. Stay tuned to learn if NCIS returns for Season 18 on CBS. In the meantime, catch up with Bishop and Torres in older episodes of the procedural. NCIS is one of many shows you can stream on Netflix, including new 2020 arrivals. For more viewing possibilities, there are this spring’s premieres.

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