Did FBI's Maggie Cross A Line With Her Family Reunion?

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Spoilers ahead for the April 27 episode of FBI on CBS, called "Brother's Keeper."

FBI returned from an unplanned extra week off to deliver an episode that dealt with sibling relationships, both with the latest deadly case of the week and with Maggie and her sister Erin. Actress Adrienne Rose Bengtsson made her FBI debut when Erin came to New York as a college student, but Maggie wasn't overjoyed to have Erin in the city due to Erin's history, and Maggie may have crossed a line or two in handling the situation.

Maggie was anxious about having her sister in New York from almost the beginning, asking so many detailed questions that Erin complained that Maggie should have read her Miranda rights first. OA clearly thought that Maggie was being overprotective at first, and overstepping her bounds when she started tracking Erin on her phone. As a younger sister myself, I initially agreed with OA and was firmly on Team Erin when it came to Maggie literally tracking her without her knowledge.

And then the end of the episode proved that even if Maggie was arguably overstepping, she had valid reasons because she was ultimately right. Her sister had become addicted to pills as a teenager after being given painkillers following a car accident, and she was convinced that Erin was using again. She showed up at Erin's dorm (which was totally a TV dorm based on how huge it was) and searched the place for pills, and it took her so long to find something that FBI 100% had me thinking that Erin was telling the truth and Maggie was being paranoid.

Then Maggie found a bag of pills, and Erin couldn't keep up the story that it was an over-the-counter med that she'd received from a fellow student. She tearfully apologized and asked Maggie not to tell their parents. Maggie just said that they'd understand and told Erin that she'd take her to rehab. It was a touching, albeit sad, moment between the sisters. So: did the fact that Maggie was right about Erin mean that she was right to push like she did, or did she cross a line and only happened to be right about Erin?

That question is up for debate, but at the end of the day, for Maggie (and Erin), what matters is that Maggie is helping her sister before things got too bad and Erin began to spiral in more visible and dangerous ways. Erin's anger toward her sister faded once Maggie found the pills and everything was out in the open, so it ended as well as it could have. Which wasn't great, but Erin is headed toward the road to recovery and Maggie doesn't have to keep suspecting that her sister is using while at college.

As for what happens next, fans may not want to count on Erin returning any time too soon. The next new episode will see Jeremy Sisto as Jess LaCroix crossing over from FBI: Most Wanted, although viewers aren't in for a big two-parter like CBS delivered in the 2019-2020 TV season before the television industry suspended production across the board. While production obviously picked back up, major crossovers are unlikely to happen again until next season at the earliest.

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