New Amsterdam's Bloom And Reynolds Get A Radical Surprise From A Patient's Relationship In New Episode Clip

New Amsterdam hit the ground running when it came to dealing with unprecedented challenges in the third season, and the next episode proves that the show isn't out of curveballs to throw at the doctors just yet. This time, Bloom and Reynolds are in for a surprise courtesy of a case that starts out as somewhat medically perplexing and ends up downright shocking thanks to a reveal about the character and his partner(s). The scene (seen above) sets the stage for what could be a truly "radical" episode.

In fact, the New Amsterdam episode that airs on May 4 is called "Radical," and it will see Bloom and Reynolds treating this character in a relationship that is unconventional compared to what they usually see in the ED. The man, Nile, seems like he has a loving relationship with his girlfriend – and just his girlfriend – as she frets over him in his hospital bed, and up until his boyfriend Nick turns up in the ED, I thought the biggest twist of the clip was going to be that those two went mushroom foraging!

In a fun twist, Nile's boyfriend turning up doesn't lead to a reveal that Nile was cheating on either of them with the other. Instead, it seems that all three of them are in a relationship together. Bloom and Reynolds may be masked up when they connect the dots, but it seems pretty safe to say that neither of them were expecting this development, and Reynolds doesn't look thrilled that the job of bringing the three together falls to him. But the couple actually being a throuple means what could have been a crisis is averted, with everybody involved happy to see each other! Good news for Nile while he's in bad shape.

As for what's actually wrong with Nile, fans will have to watch the episode to find out. The mushroom foraging leaving marks on his hands certainly seems like a clue, but recovering from lymphoma on top of asthma surely complicates things. At least his COVID test was negative, and having two romantic partners means that the odds seem pretty good that they'll be able to weigh in on any environmental factors that could have affected him. And Bloom and Reynolds won't be the only ones dealing with complications with "Radical" tonight!

Elsewhere, Max will be reckoning with New Amsterdam's past, which isn't a first for him this season. Sharpe is going to take a stricter approach to parenting her niece, since her more lenient approach obviously hasn't been working as well as she planned in a season that hasn't been easy on her. For Iggy's part, he'll attempt to connect with a patient who is desperate to have gastric bypass surgery, which could be rough for him considering his own struggles in Season 3 so far.

Watch the "Radical" new episode of New Amsterdam tonight, May 4, at 10 p.m. ET on NBC to see what exactly is happening with Nile (and what's happening with his relationships) as well as everybody else. Hard as it may be to believe, the Season 3 finale isn't that far off, so be sure not to miss an episode as Season 3 heads toward the end.

Laura Hurley
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