I Have No Idea Why Kim Kardashian Seems To Be Working Out In Barely-There Bodysuit But The Internet Is Here For It

Another day, another opportunity to break the Internet. From Kim Kardashian’s infamous Paper Mag shoot to the time she wore gold dust and only gold dust to promote her new makeup line, she knows how to grab our attention. It happened again this week when Kim Kardashian threw on a barely there bodysuit and decided that was the perfect time to… work out?

She captioned her post with a puzzle emoji, perfectly capturing how I feel about the post, but the rest of the Internet -- or at least the faction of the Internet who engages with Kim Kardashian’s content on social -- really does seem to be here for the look. Take a look and see for yourself below.

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Khloe Kardashian was among the many individuals commenting on the bodysuit (which may come from her SKIMS line, but more on that later). According to the younger Kardashian, Khloe joked:

OK, now you are just playing with my emotions.

Influencer Justin Laboy maybe had my favorite comment on the whole post, noting that people need to respect what Kim Kardashian is bringing to the table here.

YOU WIN. Nobody should post the rest of the day out of respect for this picture. #Respectfully

Many, many other fans simply commented with exclamatory phrases such as “wow” or with a slew of fire emojis. Though one person did really seem to want to clarify whether or not Kim K. was working out at a “private gym.” Valid point though. I’m pretty sure if I showed up at my local Planet Fitness in that outfit they’d send me right back out the door.

I did a little research and the black cutout bodysuit seems to be from Kim Kardashian’s SKIMS line. Though a black, or onyx as SKIMS prefers to call it, one like this is currently not available online, SKIMS does offer a velvet bodysuits that’s basically the exact same look in different colors, if you want to start working out or at least taking stylish-looking photos like this one yourself. Other options in that onyx color are available, though I'm not sure any of them are particularly appropriate for the gym.

SKIMS has been a big part of Kim Kardashian’s life over the past year, and a Valentine’s day photoshoot earlier in the year showed off some of the newer looks for the brand that went viral thanks to some poses from her sister Kendall. Recent new collections have sometimes sold out in under a minute and if this is Kim’s idea of pushing out new product, it’s probably going to work. Assumedly SKIMS and other ventures are going to continue to be the areas the reality star pushes into as Keeping Up with the Kardashians finally wraps up as well. We'll keep you updated either way.

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