How Dexter Totally Changed Julia Stiles' Mind About Working In Television

Julia Stiles in Dexter Showtime

These days it isn't that unusual to see Julia Stiles make a television appearance, but throughout the 2000s, it was largely unheard of. That changed when the actress was offered a supporting role on the Showtime series Dexter Season 5, and according to Stiles, the series and her experience on it changed her views on television permanently.

Julia Stiles spoke to Collider Ladies Night in advance of the latest season of her acclaimed drama Riviera, and she had nothing but positive things to say about the serial killer thriller Dexter. When asked about the changes or challenges involved with jumping into a film versus a TV show with a pre-established universe and fanbase, the actress explained her thoughts about television going into her role as Lumen Pierce, and how that changed during the show.

It was great. It was my first introduction to a cable drama. And I remember back then, cable had just started to become great and really appealing to actors. I had always had this fear of, if you sign up for a TV show, which would be like a six-year contract, is it gonna end up being something that you didn’t anticipate or something that wasn’t really what you signed up for? And Dexter totally changed my mind about that so that then I could go on to do Riviera and feel really confident that working on a 13-episode drama is a really fun job and can be really rewarding for actors.

Riviera is the latest show Julia Stiles is taking the lead on, but far from the only one that she's popped up in during the years since her stint in Dexter back in 2010. Stiles was the lead in her own television drama Blue for a couple of years, and had memorable guest spots on shows such as The Mindy Project and Inside Amy Schumer.

Unfortunately, Julia Stiles didn't share her thoughts on the upcoming Dexter 10-episode limited series. With the upcoming revival on the way, and Julia Stiles Lumen Pierce still alive within the universe, there is the wild off-chance that the character could make an appearance in the new season. Of course, I wouldn't exactly say that it's likely, considering former star James Remar claimed no former cast members were asked back beyond Michael C. Hall, but a chance all the same.

Lumen Pierce was a big part of Season 5 of Dexter, which followed up on the character's life after his wife Rita was murdered by the Trinity Killer. Pierce started out as a potential witness that Dexter needed to eliminate, but the two formed a bond when he realized she too had a "Dark Passenger." The two went about killing abusers from her past while developing a somewhat icky romantic relationship. Eventually, Lumen realized that murder wasn't something she needed to do anymore, and she bid farewell to Dexter with a promise to keep his dark secret from the world. The role earned Stiles an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Guest Actress in a Drama Series, but despite that, there's been no indication that she'd return.

The Dexter revival is still in the works, but more details are being revealed about the series as the weeks continue. And those looking for more from Stiles should keep an eye out for Riviera's new season.

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