What Was Julia Stiles Up To Between 10 Things I Hate About You And Hustlers?

Julia Stiles in Hustlers

Hustlers has finally arrived in theaters, and is managing to make money at the box office while also being a critical hit. Lorene Scafaria's dramedy had its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival, debuting a story based off a real-life article from New York Magazine. There's an all-star cast, including former teen movie star Julia Stiles, who plays a journalist covering the strippers' scam to make money.

Julia Stiles is clearly happy to be part of Hustlers, but also recently lamented the way the film world thought of her as she got older. Stiles is now 38, and recently spoke to the struggle she's faced as an adult actress, and how studios seemingly didn't know where to place her. As she put it:

I think a few years ago my frustration was feeling like nobody knew what to do with me. You know, I had had some success in my twenties and now I’m in a different place in my life and I didn’t really fit anywhere.

Despite her long career in film, Julia Stiles hasn't had an easy go at it over the years. And she believes its her former status as a teen star, making it difficult for directors and producers to see her as an adult woman. At least, according to her comments to The Daily Beast.

But Julia Stiles has worked quite a bit since becoming a star in 10 Things I Hate About You, even if her career has had ebbs and flows. Here are some of the biggest projects Stiles did since portraying Katarina Stratford.

Stiles in Save The Last Dance

Save The Last Dance

Save The Last Dance is perhaps Julia Stiles' most iconic film role after 10 Things I Hate About You. Directed by Thomas Carter, Stiles stars as a young dancer who moved to a inner city following her mother's death. Stiles went through extensive dance training for the role, and the movie was played consistently on syndication throughout the late 90s and early 2000's. Also during this point in her career, Stiles acted in two more modern Shakespeare adaptations, Hamlet and O. These movies all came out in a matter of four years, so clearly she was working quite hard at this point.

Julia Stiles as Nicky Parsons

The Bourne Identity Franchise

Julia Stiles isn't usually an actress who is synonymous with franchises, let alone action-heavy ones. But she's the most recurring character in the Bourne Identity movies, second only to Matt Damon's title character. Stiles plays Nicky Parsons in four out of five Bourne entries, serving as the franchise's female lead and one of Jason's most trusted allies. She debuted in the very first film of the franchise, and the recent sequel Jason Bourne seemingly put an end to her character's tenure in the property. Still, its a run that lasted over a decade of filmmaking. Between filming the first and second Bourne flicks, Julia Stiles also starred in Mona Lisa Smile and romantic comedy The Prince and Me.

Julia Stiles in The Ome

The Omen 

Julia Stiles dipped her foot into the horror world with the 2006 remake of The Omen. Like the iconic original movie, The Omen follows a young mother (Stiles) who slowly realizes that her son is the anti-christ. The movie allowed Julia Stiles to play a more adult character, albeit still one with her signature wit. This wouldn't be her first thriller, as she also worked on projects like A Little Trip to Heaven and The Cry of the Owl around this time. Unfortunately, The Omen got some negative reviews when it first hit theaters, ultimately grossing $119.5 million at the box office.

Julia Stiles in Olenna

Oleanna On Broadway

Julia Stiles may have had a hard time getting adult roles, but she's an actress who is constantly challenging herself with new mediums. This includes a career on the stage, eventually landing on Broadway in 2009. During this time Stiles starred alongside Bill Pullman in David Mamet's Oleanna. In the acclaimed play, Stiles played a young student who clashes with her Professor (played by Pullman). The two-person show consists entirely of their long conversation, and the tension that rises with each scene. Unfortunately, the Broadway run failed to sell enough tickets, and closed ahead of its original limited runtime.

Julia Stiles as Lumen Pierce

Dexter Season 5

Showtime's quirky drama Dexter typically had a big guest star for every season, providing a new character for Michael C. Hall's title character to interact with-- one way or another. Julia Stiles had this distinction in the show's fifth season, which followed Dexter in the wake of a terrible tragedy. Rather than playing a villain, Julia Stiles' Lumen Pierce was an ally to the serial killer with a code. Together they hunted down and killed the men who tortured and assaulted Lumen, with the season showing Dexter having his first honest relationship with a woman. Stiles ended the show after Season 5 was completed, an Lumen was never seen from again during the following seasons.

Julia as Veronica in Silver Lining's Playbook

Silver Lining's Playbook

David O. Russell's Silver Lining's Playbook was a star-making moment for Jennifer Lawrence, who would eventually win the Oscar for Best Actress that year. But Russell assembled a killer supporting cast to bring the movie to life, including Julia Stiles herself. Stiles played Veronica, the privileged older sister of Lawrence's protagonist Tiffany. The movie was a major hit, with Stiles able to bring her acting chops to the surface as a supporting player. The cast itself was nominated for a few awards, winning the Broadcast Film Critics Association Award for Best Cast.

Julia Stiles in Blue


Julia Stiles stepped into the streaming world with the web series Blue. Stiles played the title character of the series, who is a single mother who supports her family as a secret escort. It was a decidedly adult role for the actress, all the more risky since the project wasn't actually on TV. The series streamed on Youtube and Hulu, and Julia Stiles was even nominated for some awards for leading role in the little known project. The series ran for three seasons, before being put on hiatus.

Julia Stiles in Riviera


Riviera is a TV series starring Julia Stiles as the protagonist, which airs on British paid channel Sky Atlantic. The drama is set on the French Riviera, and follows Stiles' character Georgina Marjorie Clios as an art curator whose life careens into chaos following her husband's death. Two seasons have aired thus far, with the show available for American audiences on the channel Ovation. Clearly Julia Stiles has found a home on the small screen over the years, while still appearing in film roles including Hustlers. But given that blockbuster's success, perhaps we'll see Stiles in more movies in the future.

Hustlers is in theaters now. Be sure to check out our 2019 release list to plan your next trip to the movies.

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