Chicago Med Is Losing Two Major Stars To Other Projects Ahead Of Season 7

yaya dacosta's April Sexton on chicago med

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NBC's One Chicago universe is no stranger to big shocks and big changes, speaking both in terms of the on-screen narratives and the behind-the-scenes decisions. The youngest drama of the three, Chicago Med just got hit with what is arguably the largest casting shake-up in all of its six seasons, with original cast members Yaya DaCosta and Torrey DeVitto exiting the medical drama ahead of Season 7, and both are heading for different non-Chicago projects.

Neither Yaya DaCosta nor Torrey DeVitto appear to be leaving under negative terms, thankfully, and the reason for the two-pronged exit has more to do with all of the original cast members' initial contracts set to expire after Season 6, according to Deadline. That means unless something pretty fatal happens to DaCosta's April Sexton or DeVitto's Natalie Manning, there's always a chance viewers will see them on the NBC drama again in the future, though probably not with the same job duties. Both actresses are clearly hoping for audiences to see them soon in different capacities, also.

Yaya DaCosta reportedly opted out of extending her Chicago Med contract for Season 7 (and possibly beyond) and soon after got an offer to take on a leading role within the in-development show Our Kind of People. The Fox drama will be a sudsy exploration of Black achievements and upper-class living from Star executive producer Karin Gist.

Meanwhile, Torrey DeVitto will be saying goodbye to her longtime role of Dr. Manning and joining the cast of the independent feature Skelly, from production company Walk Like a Duck Entertainment. It's said to be a heartwarming Halloween-centered film centering on an 11-year-old whose grandfather dies and changes the young boy's views on mortality as he and his friends put together a haunted house. DeVitto has been tapped to take the role of the boy's mother.

Fans will now no doubt be viewing the remainder of Chicago Med's Season 6 episodes under a new light, knowing that two of the O.G. stars are heading for greener, and less fluorescent pastures. It definitely looks like somebody is going to figure out Natalie's transgressions with the trial meds, which would almost definitely factor into the character's exit if so. And don't be surprised if April's good Samaritan act comes back to haunt her dearly.

Chicago Med has only lost two of the original nine cast members prior to this pair of departures, with Rachel DiPillo bowing out as Sarah Reese after Season 3, and Collin Donnell ended Connor Rhodes' time in Season 5. And while she wasn't part of the initial cast, star Norma Kuhling also left in Season 5 after Ava Bekker first joined the staff in a recurring capacity in Season 2.

While waiting for the 2021 Summer TV season to arrive, be sure and tune into the final Chicago Med episodes, airing Wednesday nights on NBC at 8:00 p.m. ET.

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