SEAL Team’s Justin Melnick Reveals What Makes The Show So Special Ahead Of Cancellation Or Renewal Decision

Justin Melnick as Brock Reynolds on SEAL Team.

Another week has gone by and CBS’ military drama SEAL Team is one episode closer to the Season 4 finale. And still at this point, it’s unknown whether the network will choose to renew or cancel the series. Even so, the cast is still making sure to show their appreciation for the drama, and star Justin Melnick is revealing what makes the show so special.

Police officer-turned-actor Justin Melnick, who portrays Brock Reynolds in a recurring role on SEAL Team, posted a heartfelt message on Instagram ahead of the most recent episode. Melnick praised the team behind the cameras who are responsible for the “45 minutes of awesome story” in each episode and it’s what makes the show so special to him:

When working in confined spaces one must improvise…. Personally one of the things that makes this show so special to me is the team behind it. Everybody in every department adapts to overcome every challenge in order to bring you guys 45 minutes of awesome story.

With Season 4 of SEAL Team coming to an end soon and CBS’ decision to renew or cancel the series likely coming soon as well, the cast and fans are seemingly getting mighty anxious for news. As the cast is feeling nostalgic and appreciative of the show, they are also making sure to not back down without a fight. Last week before a new episode, Justin Melnick took to Instagram to share an adorable photo with his baby and his pup to get fans to tune in, while this week, his co-star David Boreanaz joined the fight for renewal once again on his own Instagram.

The fight for SEAL Team’s renewal really took off last month after CBS made a big renewal announcement for five shows, including Wednesday night partner S.W.A.T., along with NCIS, Blue Bloods, Bull and Magnum P.I. The network has already canceled NCIS: New Orleans and MacGyver and given an official series order to NCIS: Hawaii. An official announcement regarding SEAL Team's future is likely on the way in the not-too-distant future, so all efforts to promote a renewal could be valuable. Check out Justin Melnick's latest effort:

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Between losing a team member at the beginning of the season and everything else the Bravo team has been through, it just wouldn’t be fair on them, or the fans, to not give them a Season 5. And with how passionate and dedicated the cast is by pushing fans to tune in and sharing heartfelt posts, it’s clear SEAL Team means as much to the cast as it does to the fans.

With renewal/cancellation season, it’s always hard to tell whether or not a network will keep a show going so all fans can really do is tune in to said show and hope. The final episodes of Season 4 of SEAL Team air Wednesdays at 9 p.m. EST on CBS.

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