Shemar Moore And Other S.W.A.T. Cast Members React After CBS Renews Show For Season 5

It’s renewal season, which means networks and studios are keeping fans on edge as they make their decisions to renew or cancel television shows. CBS is the latest network to announce the next wave of renewals, including action procedural, S.W.A.T. A few of the cast members, including Shemar Moore, are already excitedly celebrating the news!

With news that S.W.A.T. will be coming back for Season 5, Shemar Moore, who plays Hondo on the rebooted series, was quick to respond to the news. In a video he posted to Facebook, he took the time to thank his fellow costars and crew for the last year, as it was the toughest one yet. The series was the first to resume production after lockdown and never shut down again. And, while he couldn’t really hold parties at his house, Moore was looking forward to doing it again soon, as CBS has renewed the series for a fifth season.

We were the first show to come back to start Season 4. And I think we were one of the few shows, if not the only show, that didn’t get shut down. That’s because I got COVID two days before Christmas. And you’re welcome. But hey, I got through it and others of us got through it. So we kept the show cracking. So officially at 11:30, CBS is going to announce to the world that we are coming back, baby!

While S.W.A.T. still has five episodes left of Season 4, the cast and crew can’t help but to celebrate the news of another season as filming for Season 4 wraps. Shemar Moore also posted his excitement to Twitter, and he could barely contain it!

Jay Harrington, who portrays Deacon on the series, reacted to the news on Twitter and was definitely excited that the drama will be coming back for another season.

Kenny Johnson, who plays Luca, joined his fellow costars in responding to the renewal news on Twitter and on Instagram, congratulating not only his costars but the fans as they get yet another season. While Luca hasn’t been seen too much this season as his character was in Germany, he did recently return to HQ and will hopefully be more present in the remaining episodes of Season 4.

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Patrick St. Esprit, who plays Commander Robert Hicks, couldn't help but thank the fans for their continued support and love on Instagram when reacting to the news.

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S.W.A.T. is currently in the midst of Season 4 and is nearing the end of it. The season opener revolved around the protests as well as the beginning of the COVID pandemic. After the initial protests last summer, producers shared a statement on Twitter that they had been examining and watching the what was happening, and explained that they planned to continue to tell the stories that would explore themes of race and policing in minority communities.

Currently, as Shemar Moore said in his video, Season 5 of S.W.A.T. will have 18 episodes, but CBS and Sony Pictures Television are negotiating and it could be anywhere between 20-22, and that filming will begin the first Tuesday after 4th of July. It’s hard to tell what Season 5 will look like as Season 4 still has a few episodes left, but one thing for sure is that it will be nice to not have to worry about this squad, and it will be great to see them back for the 2021-22 season!

S.W.A.T. airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET on CBS.

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