The Property Brothers: 6 Cool Things To Know About HGTV Stars Drew And Jonathan Scott

Jonathan and Drew Scott on Property Brothers

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While Bob Vila revolutionized it, and Tim Allen made comedy gold out of it, home renovation had never been as cool as it would become after the Property Brothers emerged as some of the most prolific stars on HGTV after years on the air. However, while there is no doubt that they are crafty with a hammer and nails, or savvy with real estate deals, there is actually a lot more to Drew and Jonathan Scott than even some of their biggest fans may realize. Uncover the blueprints from which these busy reality TV kings were built with the following six fascinating facts, starting with the surprising secret that is key to telling which twin is which.

Drew and Jonathan Scott on Property Brothers

The Property Brothers’ Mother Can Tell Them Apart Based On Vocabulary

Andrew Alfred Scott and Jonathan Silver Scott were born four minutes apart on April 28, 1978, in Vancouver, Canada, to parents Jim and Joanne Scott, who were actually very surprised to discover they were having twins that day. Apparently, Joanne still has trouble telling her sons apart, especially when talking to either Drew or Jonathan on the phone as their voices are another similarity the siblings share. In a 2012 interview with Glamour, Jonathan explained that his mother is able to tell when he is talking because, apparently, “I use bigger words,” to which Drew jokingly quipped, “I’ve been seeking therapy ever since.”

Jonathan and Drew Scott on Property Brothers

Drew And Jonathan Scott Started Their Own Business At Seven Years Old

The Property Brothers are two of the busiest media personalities in the world right now, having co-hosted a plethora of different home renovation reality shows over the course of a decade or so, and taking on, at least, 45 home renovation projects each year, meaning it is safe to call them certified workaholics. According to their parents, Drew and Jonathan Scott have been that way since they were children, apparently. Jim Scott recalled on a 2018 segment about the Property Brothers for CBS Sunday Morning that his then-7-year-old sons took his advice to get jobs and started a company called JAM Enterprises, in which they would sell wire hangers covered in silk, and made good money doing it.

Jonathan Scott on Breaker High

Drew And Jonathan Scott Previously Had Acting Careers

While there are many cases of reality show stars eventually branching out into acting later on, Drew and Jonathan Scott actually did that process in reverse. During an appearance on Conan in January 2020, the siblings explained to host Conan O’Brien how they used to be actors and, to avoid becoming “struggling actors,” they decided to get into real estate to be able fund their own productions, which was the first step that led them to pitching the Property Brothers show to HGTV. Some of their early acting credits include The X-Files, the Canadian teen dramedy Breaker High opposite a young Ryan Gosling, and the hit Superman prequel series Smallville, to name a few.

Jonathan Scott on Penn & Teller: Fool Us

Jonathan Scott Aspired To Be A Magician Growing Up

While acting was certainly a fun way for the Property Brothers to make a living when they were younger, a career in show business as a magician was Jonathan Scott’s own real dream, and one he had since childhood. According to ScreenRant, he would begin to pursue the art form in his teens, building his own equipment to perform illusions by the age of 15, before receiving a mentorship and winning awards for his act, which he presented under the stage name Jonathan Silver. Unfortunately, that dream would suffer a crushing blow when Jonathan was 19 and a con man stole his illusions, putting him in a heap of debt.

Drew and Jonathan Scott in the video for "Hold On"

The Property Brothers Have A Top 40 Hit Country Song

Luckily, both Jonathan and Drew Scott are men of multiple talents, which is clear from the success that Jonathan’s skills in carpentry and Drew’s knack for the business of realty have brought them on Property Brothers. However, the talent I am specifically referring to here is one that Jonathan shares with his girlfriend, Zooey Deschanel: musicianship, which is something about the siblings that few people know. This is despite the fact that they have sung a few of their own song songs on their TV specials before, including an ode to their childhood home called “Hold On.” Said track, which they co-wrote with the help of Nashville songwriters Victoria Shaw and Chad Carlson, would become a hit on Billboard's Hot Country Songs chart at #38 in 2016.

Drew and Jonathan Scott sign their book on CBS Sunday Morning

Drew And Jonathan Scott Wrote A Children’s Book And Have Launched A Magazine

If their respective abilities in acting, singing, magic, and flipping houses (to name a few) are not enough to impress you, the Property Brothers are also published authors. As of 2018, Drew and Jonathan Scott have written three books related to the topic of home improvement - the most recent being an illustrated book for children called Builder Brothers: Big Plans. In early 2020, in response to their fans requesting different ways that they could offers their own expertise in renovation outside of their many HGTV shows, the siblings would take things up a notch by debuting their own magazine, called Reveal, which was announced along with the start of a new podcast hosted by Drew and his wife, Linda Pham, and even a mobile app which helps people design their own dream home as if the Property Brothers were there with them.

With more than a decade of experience in the spotlight from helping ordinary people make their dream homes a reality, it seems that there is no sign of stopping the Drew and Jonathan Scott yet. It is most exciting to think of what new endeavor they may have up their rolled or cuffed sleeves next. (Maybe a new clothing line, a movie about their lives, or a scripted animated TV show about animals who like to work on construction projects in the woods?) The question is, however, which of the Property Brothers would you rather call up to work on your house?

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