One Big Way Property Brothers Is Different From Fixer Upper

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If you only watch the home renovation shows which populate HGTV on occasion or on a cursory basis, you may have trouble telling some of the series apart. Each one generally follows a renovation / design expert duo who take a home from drab to fab in a matter of weeks or months, so that the owners can enjoy a space which better fits their lifestyle and features wonderful updates which will have any viewers scrambling to see if they can make some of that open floor plan, marble countertop luxury their own. But, there is one big way that the finished homes on Property Brothers are very different from those on shows like Fixer Upper.

Drew and Jonathan Scott began their HGTV success with Property Brothers in 2011, and have gone on to spearhead a number of spinoffs where they continue to bring homeowners fabulously redesigned houses. Fans are hearing more and more about how things behind the scenes on shows like Property Brothers, Home Town, Fixer to Fabulous, and Fixer Upper might not always be as they appear while watching finished episodes, but one thing that audiences continue to wonder about is whether or not the owners get to keep all of the amazing furniture you see in the completed homes.

In a move which is very different from what happened on Chip and Joanna Gaines' Fixer Upper, Drew Scott confirmed on Twitter, in response to a fan question, that all of those new items are in place for the homeowners to keep:

On #propertybrothers and #Brovsbro they keep everything!

Oooh. Isn't this good to know? I mean, if you were currently trying to decide which show to apply for so that you could be featured on HGTV and have your home completely reworked by a famous duo, I could certainly see this bit of information being the deciding factor. Apparently, at least two of the Scott brothers shows, Property Brothers and Brother Vs. Brother, let owners keep everything.

For those who are somewhat in the dark on what, exactly, is going on here, know that the process of updating homes on shows like Fixer Upper or Property Brothers isn't just about putting up new cabinets and ripping out a few walls, even though we also know now that sometimes HGTV foots some of the bill to help these renovations along a bit. One of the best parts of these shows is watching just how Drew and Jonathan Scott, Chip and Joanna Gaines, and other duos, transform living spaces by adding new furniture as well as new fixtures to homes.

Every dramatic reveal shows off fully furnished homes, and those items are never the ones which belonged to the owners at the beginning of the process. All of these items are known as "staging" meant to help the owners see potential in their new(ish) house, and, usually, the renovation does not include payment for these pieces. A recent Pure Wow story confirmed that, on Fixer Upper, the homeowners were only able to keep all that new furniture if they paid for it, with Chip and Joanna sometimes gifting a refurbished or personal piece to the owner, and production paying for one new furniture item to stay.

Other series on HGTV work in a similar manner, with Home Town's Erin Napier confirming on Instagram a few years ago that homeowner renovation budgets don't usually allow for she and her husband, Ben, to completely furnish homes. Though he does often build at least one special piece which is given to them, and they're offered special discounted prices if they want to keep any of the remaining new items. And, according to their Pure Wow interview earlier this year, this process is pretty much the same for those who have Jenny and Dave Marrs renovate their property on Fixer to Fabulous.

As much as I love watching all of these people renovate homes, honestly, I think Jonathan and Drew Scott really win when it comes to completely furnishing the houses. Who wants to have most of your home updated only to have to bring back the ratty couch your pet partially chewed up or the dining table which is missing one leg and has a big stick you found in the woods duct taped to it to make sure it still stands?

You can catch Property Brothers on HGTV, but be sure to check listings for times. For more to watch in the coming weeks, check out our guide to 2021 summer TV premieres!

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