When Kaley Cuoco's The Flight Attendant, DC's Titans And More HBO Max Shows Will Air On Regular TV

kaley cuoco's cassie smiling big on the flight attendant
(Image credit: hbo max press)
(Image credit: hbo max press)

Having launched just under a year ago, HBO Max immediately entered the streaming platform competition as one of the biggest marquee names, thanks in part to the programming deals and budget allowances provided by such entertainment giants as HBO and Warner Bros. While the digital brand hasn't yet amassed a subscriber base on the level of Netflix or Amazon, HBO Max has revealed a new and fantastic plan geared to attract new subscribers throughout its second year of existence, with some of its biggest original titles, such as Kaley Cuoco's twisty mystery The Flight Attendant and DC's superhero saga Titans, heading to linear cable TV.

To be more specific, WarnerMedia's Upfront presentation and conference call laid out the high-profile programming block that will be dubbed Front Row on TBS and Front Row on TNT, with both of those networks serving as the premiere viewing destinations. And while HBO Max is gearing up to unveil its ad-supported plan, the Front Row series will be televised with limited commercial interruption to make it as much like the streaming experience as possible. Now let's take a closer look at where and when Kaley Cuoco's Flight Attendant and other big shows will make their linear TV debuts.

Front Row On TBS

Love Life Season 1 (August 2021) - This anthological romantic comedy series, created by In a Relationship writer Sam Boyd, centers on a different relationship situation in each season, with the first boasting Anna Kendrick as its central lead.

Close Enough Season 1 (October 2021) - This animated series from Regular Show creator J.G. Quintel is a hilarious look at the life of two thirtysomething parents who haven't yet made the full crossover into adulthood, telling many surreal and not-exactly-safe-for-work stories.

12 Dates of Christmas Season 1 (November 2021) - The romance-driven 12 Dates of Christmas is a scripted series from Love is Blind's Sam Dean that tracks three hopelessly romantic single people whose main goal is to find their true loves while going through a series of wintery holiday-centric dates.

The Flight Attendant Season 1 (2022) - As the first series from The Big Bang Theory's Kaley Cuoco after her time on the hit sitcom, The Flight Attendant centers on an initially unexplainable murder that Cuoco's Cassie believes she may have been responsible for, with excellent co-stars such as Michiel Huisman, Rosie Perez, Zosia Mamet and Michelle Gomez.

Front Row On TNT

Titans Season 1 (June 2021) - The former DC Universe original series Titans flipped to HBO Max on the road to Season 3 as the DC service slimmed down to just a comic provider, and the action-packed drama will now debut on the linear network where it was first developed.

Class Action Park (December 2021) - The only feature to be announced within this batch of HBO Max original projects, Class Action Park is the eye-opening (and wound-opening) look at New Jersey's notoriously dangerous and beloved Action Park.

Rich People Problems (TNT Original) - Rich People Problems (working title) isn't the sequel to Crazy Rich Asians, but rather a docuseries focusing on true stories of greed, lust, deception, and betrayal tied to people with way too much money and time on their hands.

Rhodes to the Top (TNT Original) - This new reality series will focus on the lives of pro wrestler and AEW star/exec Cody Rhodes and his wife Brandi. The series will focus not only on their busy home lives, but it will also take viewers into the behind-the-scenes mayhem that goes along with putting a wrestling TV show together each week.

The TNT original series Claws and Snowpiercer are also part of the promotion, although it's not entirely clear whether these shows will air elsewhere, or how their futures will play into the Front Row branding, beyond likely just having fewer ads for new episodes.

At this time, it's not entirely clear if these will be the only HBO Max original series that will show up on linear TV later this year and in 2022, but you can be sure WarnerMedia will let audiences know if those plans do indeed expand. Hopefully we can take that timing to mean the highly anticipated second season of Kaley Cuoco's The Flight Attendant will be debuting at some point around when it shows up on TBS. In the meantime, there are still lots of 2021 Summer TV shows to get ready for, so don't miss out!

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