Behind Her Eyes Author Shares Cute Handmade Stephen King Craft, And The King Of Horror Approves

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Who says the written word is dead? The world's younger generations definitely still have book-lovers among them, and one particular 13-year-old Stephen King fan made a pretty cool craft to hold their office supplies while paying homage to some of their favorite horror novels. The nifty creation was shared by Behind Her Eyes author Sarah Pinborough, who got the attention of the King of Horror himself on social media, and King totally gave it a stamp of approval.

Sarah Pinborough seems pretty proud of what her friend's child created, even though she humorously called the kid out in the tweet below for not including any of Pinborough's own books among those in the faux lineup. That’s okay though, because the kid definitely has good taste otherwise, showcasing novels by both Stephen King and his similarly haunting son Joe Hill, not to mention the latter's comic book series Locke & Key, which inspired the Netflix series. King shared the supply-holding craft himself on Twitter, saying:

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Stephen King is, well, basically the king of both horror and novel adaptations, among other things. There have been dozens upon dozens of film and TV adaptations made based on his novels and stories, whether he likes them all or not. His son, although not nearly as renowned, has had a few adaptations based on his novels as well; Netflix’s Locke & Key (which we still have plenty of questions about) as well as the 2013 film Horns are popular adaptations of his, with the listed NOS4A2 having served as an AMC series for two seasons.

Even though the creator of the very cool craft doesn’t include Sarah Pinborough's twist-heavy works - to be fair, maybe the teen has a few other crafts of this variety dedicated to different authors that may or may not be friends with their parents - Pinborough also has a buzzy Netflix adaptation under her belt as well, with Behind Her Eyes taking over viewers' brains earlier this year, with the miniseries spawning many wild theories in its aftermath.

Stephen King and Sarah Pinborough fans, for the most part, are loving the 13-year-old’s craft. The comments on both the original post and King’s retweet are full of fans with positive words. Some commenters want one for themselves, while others are commending the young creator for the advanced books they are reading. There are only a handful of negative comments to be found, and they mostly focus on the adult content in the books being too mature for someone so young, while thankfully not necessarily attacking the art itself - but there’s always going to be at least some naysayers with anything!

Seeing as there are well over 100 longform publications put out between the King family members, it’s very doubtful this 13-year-old has read through them all already. Even so, it’s pretty cool that someone so young has found a love of reading that so many others have built up over the years, and even inspired some creativity for like-minded readers and King/Hill fans.

Maybe the teen creator will even pick up a copy of Behind Her Eyes, you know, since the author got them on flipping Stephen King's radar like that. Although not yet announced, a season 2 of Behind Her Eyes could certainly happen in some baffling capacity, seeing as Season 1 ended in a pretty hefty mind-thumper of a cliffhanger, but there’s plenty of time to catch up on some Sarah Pinborough reading in the meantime!

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