8 Locke And Key Questions Season 2 Needs To Answer

Connor Jessup and Emilia Jones in Locke and Key

As far as first seasons go, Joe Hill’s Locke and Key does a great job answering a lot of questions over the course of the season. I feel like I have a decent grasp of the mythology, the keys, and the characters. But, after that insane finale, there’s a ton of questions I still have about the show. Thankfully, with the announcement that Season 2 is on the way at Netflix, those questions won't die with Season 1. So, with that in mind, let’s dive into some of the questions Season 2 needs to answer.

Heavy spoilers ahead.

Chamberlain Locke in Locke and Key

What’s The Deal With Chamberlain Locke?

In Episode 3—Head Games, Bode uses the Ghost Key to fly around the Key House property and runs into the ghost of his great-great-grandfather Chamberlain Locke at a graveyard. Chamberlain Locke decided to stay on the property rather than pass on. Chamberlain Locke, though, comes across as somewhat ominous and their brief interaction raises questions about why Chamberlain Locke decided to stay behind, what he knows about the keys, and what he knows about Rendell Locke and his brother. I think it’s likely Season 2 would revisit this, considering he would be a good source of information the Lockes could tap into about the keys.

Aaron Ashmore in Locke and Key

What Other Memories Did They Steal From Duncan Locke?

Kinsey and Tyler used the Plant Key in Episode 5—Family Tree to retrieve the memories of their uncle, Duncan Locke. Of course, they didn’t know it at the time. There were a ton of memories that were taken from Duncan, kind of like Dumbledore’s memories in Harry Potter. We saw a few of his memories, including Rendell Locke as a ghost, the use of the Identity Key, and Rendell killing Lucas. But, what other memories did they take from Duncan and what importance do they have? 

You’d think the Lockes would scour all of his memories to find clues and answers about the keys, not to mention keys they might not have found yet. The other issue is whether or not Duncan can get his memories back once they’re taken away. When he saw the memories in the jar, he was clearly disturbed by them. Would giving him the memories back make things worse?

Locke and Key

How Were The Keys Made In The First Place?

There’s a lot we still don’t know about the keys. They’re incredibly powerful and have certain rules, like how no one can take the keys from the Lockes unwillingly. But how did that start? Where did they come from, why were they made, and how did they get their magical powers? These are just a few of the questions surrounding the mysterious keys. I have no doubt the comic book source material dives into these questions. The more the Locke kids know, the better equipped they’ll be against Dodge. So, it would probably be good if Season 2 could start shedding more light on the keys, and a great place to start is their origin story.

Felix Mallard in Locke and Key

How Is Dodge Able To Speak Through Pictures?

Throughout Locke and Key, the only way anyone can perform magic is through the keys. But, Dodge, it seems, can communicate across far distances through a picture hanging on Rendell Locke’s office wall. As far as we know, at the time Dodge spoke to Sam Lesser through the picture, Dodge only had the Identity Key. So, unless Dodge has a key that we don’t know about, Dodge can communicate through pictures, or at least the picture hanging on Rendell Locke’s wall. How can Dodge do this and can Dodge do other magical things without the keys?

The Black Door in Locke and Key

Where Did Dodge And The Other Demons Come From?

I know, I know, you’ll say, “the demons come from the Black Door!” But, that’s not good enough for me; it’s too vague. What is beyond the Black Door? Is that place just a spiritual realm of damnation? Is it hell? Or is there more to the Black Door that we just don’t know yet? Sure, the writers of Locke and Key could leave it unexplained and a mystery, ala. Lost, boiling it down to the door that spits out fiery demons. But I think more needs to be explained about the demons, what they’re doing in there, and what it all means for Key House and the Lockes. Since Dodge remained mostly a mystery in Season 1, I bet they’ll reveal a bit more about the nefarious demon in Season 2.

Connor Jessup in Locke and Key

Can Humans Escape The Black Door?

In the final episode, the Lockes thought they returned Dodge back into the chasm whence he came but, instead, possibly committed Ellie Whedon into eternal damnation. But that raises the question, can humans escape the Black Door after they’ve been thrown into it? Clearly, Dodge and the demon that possessed Eden Hawkins escaped. They proved it’s possible, at least in demon form. So, can humans escape the door, too, and if so, how? This could be an important plot point for Season 2. Once the Lockes discover they’ve sent Ellie Whedon into the Black Door, they might want to find a way to retrieve her.

Erin Voss in Locke and Key

Will The Lockes Try To Free Erin Voss?

As you may recall, Erin Voss is the woman in the wheelchair at the psychiatric hospital. She was Rendell Locke’s love interest in the past and helped him with the keys. In Episode 8, Dodge enters Erin Voss’ mind and finds that she’s been trapped inside her own head all this time. So, how did that happen, but more importantly will the Lockes try to free her with the Head Key? With Ellie Whedon gone, the Lockes are going to need all the help they can get against Dodge. So, it would make sense for them to free Erin Voss from her own mind in Season 2.

Hallea Jones in Locke and Key

Will The Lockes Be Forced To Kill Eden Hawkins?

In the finale, we learned that a new demon possessed Eden Hawkins, and getting rid of these demons proves difficult. We know you can’t kill Dodge with bullets after Ellie Whedon tried to shoot the echo of Lucas Caravaggio. So, the only way to get rid of Dodge is either locking him back in the well or sending him back through the Black Door. But, Eden Hawkins is another story; she’s still a human and can be killed, much like how Lucas Caravaggio was killed by Rendell Locke. Which begs the question, will the Lockes be forced to kill Eden Hawkins? 

There doesn’t seem to be a good end for her any way you shake it, honestly. They will have to either kill her, and hope no one brings her back as an echo, or send her back into the Black Door. Either way, Eden Hawkins dies. Could there be another way to rid her of the demon? That might be another question Season 2 should try to answer.

The first season of Locke and Key did a good job introducing us to Key House and the mythology around it, but in Season 2, they definitely need to explain a few things further. These are just a few questions we hope Season 2 will tackle, but what did we miss? What questions do you want Season 2 to answer? Let us know in the comments!

Jason Ingolfsland