Wait, Is Big Brother's Dr. Will Kirby Coming Back For Season 23 On CBS?

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When it comes to the most iconic Houseguests that have ever played Big Brother, most would agree Dr. Will Kirby is definitely in the Top 5. The Season 2 winner has been a longtime favorite within the fandom, and it's safe to say everybody would love to see him return the show at any point in the future, and probably in any capacity. Well, just such an idealized future may be on the way, as Kirby may have dropped a big hint that he's heading back to the house for the upcoming season.

The clue came from Dr. Will Kirby's Instagram, in which the former Houseguest posted a picture with a very recognizable Big Brother medal. Check out the post below, along with its enigmatic caption that may tease Dr. Will is headed back to the Big Brother house.

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That veto medal is pretty snazzy, and actually looks nicer than the one actually used in the game. But what I'm really interested in is the "neighbor" references in the caption. As Big Brother All-Stars viewers will probably remember, Dr. Will Kirby briefly "lived" next to the Big Brother house and interacted with the Houseguests throughout a couple of segments. Is it possible that Will will be reprising his role as the "neighbor" to the Houseguests in Season 23?

While it's not immediately clear where Dr. Will Kirby lives on a day-to-day basis, one would imagine it's not a tremendous journey for him to make it to Big Brother's L.A. set. Dr. Will has appeared in a lot of Hollywood shows over the years, and I can't help to get my hopes up that he'll appear in Season 23, whether it's as the neighbor for a brief stint or for something longer. Perhaps whatever he's doing could involve one of the veto competitions? Or maybe he just likes shiny gold things.

All I can say is that Big Brother fans were thrilled when Kirby was announced to be the neighbor of the house during Big Brother All-Stars, but that the end result was rather underwhelming. Dr. Will's segments were largely pre-recorded, likely due to all the COVID restrictions that were in place when Season 22 was filmed. Perhaps Will's return would be a chance for the show to do right by the audience by giving the Season 2 champ a chance to participate more directly in the season, assuming restrictions aren't as strict as last year.

Another possibility is that Dr. Will Kirby is merely toying with Big Brother fans, which wouldn't be all that surprising. Former show alumni have definitely taken advantage of the weeks between the official release date announcement and the premiere of the show to get attention and ultimately promote any projects they're up to, whether they're related to the game or not. As for Will, he's the Chief Medical Officer of LaserAway, which is opening up locations across the country. So could this be a move just to get more eyes on his company?

One thing we can be relatively sure of is that Dr. Will Kirby will not be an actual Houseguest in Season 23. It's already been confirmed that this season will feature an all-new group, which means that returning players like Will won't be in the contestant pool. Beyond that, I'm not at all sure he would be willing to leave each of his lucrative gigs all for a chance to spend another 90-day stint in the Big Brother house. As a part-time neighbor, though? He already did it once, so why not again?

Big Brother Season 23 is set to premiere on CBS on Wednesday, July 7, at 8:00 p.m. ET. For more on former Houseguests who may return to the game, check out what former winner Rachel Reilly said recently about the possibility of returning to the house.

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