Did Grey's Anatomy Just End One Couple For Good In The Season 17 Finale?

Warning! The following contains spoilers for the Grey's Anatomy Season 17 finale "Someone Saved My Life Tonight." Read at your own risk!

Grey's Anatomy's Season 17 finale was a relatively happy episode considering the rough road prior, but that may have been overshadowed for some by the final moments of the finale. Link decided to shoot his shot (at Maggie's wedding) and do a planned proposal for Amelia on the beach, and though he didn't get an answer, her face said it all. Amelia rejected Link, and what happened next had me wondering if the two may be done for good.

Elsewhere in the episode, Jo settled into her new place with Luna. Thanks to a lawyer, and Link fostering Luna during the court battle, she was able to get full custody. Jo was busy just loving life when all of a sudden, there was a knock at the door. It was Link, devastated by his heartbreak and hoping he could get a place to stay. Jo welcomed him in as the voices of thousands of Amelink fans cried out in terror.

The season ended with Link moving in with Jo, so let's revisit the facts. The two are best friends, she just got a child, and Link fostered that child and agreed because he hoped Amelia would have a second child with him once they finally got married. Is it just me, or is Grey's Anatomy setting up an inevitable romance of Jo and Link?

It could be happening, and it's also entirely possible Amelia is fine with that. The character mentioned in a recovery meeting that she was happy to foster Luna with Link, but not under the pretense that it would be practice for the day they had a second child as Link intended. She doesn't want a second child, and Link clearly does, and she had some immense guilt regarding that.

In a later scene, Amelia was told that it's okay not to want what Link wants, and it's also okay that even if things are great between them, that the relationship isn't working out. Even if she loves Link, there's nothing wrong with moving on from someone because they have different goals.

Amelia must've taken that news to heart because the Grey's Anatomy character rejected not one, not two, not even three, but four engagement rings Link had bought because he was unsure which she'd like. He took the rejection understandably hard, but it's not like Amelia wasn't equally upset. She was clearly hurt that she did that to him, so this wasn't a soulless moment.

And to be clear, all we saw was Link get accepted into Jo's apartment. There was no romance behind the gesture, only friendship. Season 18 could ultimately lead Link and Amelia to patch things up, and they could have a joint wedding alongside Owen and Teddy, who successfully got engaged earlier in the episode. Sure, it'd probably be an awkward affair, but they all celebrated Christmas together despite all the past messiness, so it's not out of the realm of possibility.

Grey's Anatomy is finished with Season 17 at ABC, and it's possible Amelink is done as well. CinemaBlend recently got a chance to speak with Camilla Luddington about her character Jo and why she loves the character's change of specialty. In some good news, Station 19 will be back after its big finale as well as Grey's Anatomy next season!

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