Grey's Anatomy: What 'Life-Changing Decision' Will Jo Make In The Season 17 Finale?

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Spoiler alert! The following story talks about Grey’s Anatomy’s Season 17 episode “I’m Still Standing,” so stop reading if you haven’t watched yet!

Only one episode remains of Grey’s Anatomy's seventeenth season, which has seen many characters' lives take different trajectories. Along with losing three series regulars, Grey’s nearly killed off Meredith from COVID, Bailey’s mother died, and Winston and Maggie are gearing up for their wedding, and that’s just to name a few. And while Jo Wilson has experienced more than her share of life changes recently, there’s still something big in the cards for Jo in the season finale. But what could it be?

Maggie and Winston are obviously the focus of next week’s Season 17 finale, called “Someone Saved My Life Tonight,” because Grey’s Anatomy loves a wedding. But Jo Wilson gets a healthy mention in the synopsis as well:

It’s wedding day for Maggie and Winston. Meanwhile, Meredith takes on a new role at the hospital, and Jo makes a life-changing decision.

When Jo switched specialties from general surgery to obstetrics and gynecology, she was introduced to Luna, a baby who was growing on her mother’s liver and had to be delivered at 26 weeks. As the baby and her mother Val both fought for their lives, Jo became especially attached to Luna. After Val died, Jo took an even bigger interest in the baby, and it seemed obvious that Jo was thinking of adopting her. And that would definitely qualify as a life-changing decision!

However, a wrench was thrown into that plan in “I’m Still Standing,” an episode that spanned multiple weeks, as it was revealed that Jo did start the process of trying to adopt Luna, but her application was rejected. She told Hayes it was because she didn’t pass the background check, and knowing Jo’s past — she changed her name after an abusive relationship and was homeless, living out of her car — one could see how a background check might be a hurdle, but nothing that can't be explained with the proper context.

Regardless of the complication, adopting Luna still feels like the most realistic option for Jo’s life-changing decision. After all, she’s already been dealt quite a few life-changing hands recently. As previously mentioned, she switched specialties at the hospital. She was left flailing when her husband Alex Karev inexplicably left to reunite with Izzy Stevens. Her “sex bridge” Jackson Avery is gone now, and Jo is stuck sharing her little apartment with Levi and Helm. If not adoption, Jo needs to make the life-changing decision to move out of her own place.

The Season 17 finale “Someone Saved My Life Tonight” airs on June 3 at 9 p.m. ET on ABC, with Maggie and Winston’s wedding, and if we know Grey’s Anatomy weddings, there will be drama. Check out our list of other upcoming TV finales, and with all our favorite shows coming to an end for the season, be sure to take a look at the 2021 summer TV premiere schedule to find what to watch next.

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