Superman And Lois Just Dropped A Big Villain Reveal, And Wow

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for the Superman & Lois episode "Loyal Subjekts." Read at your own risk!

John Henry Irons warned Superman that a war was coming, and while his opinion of the Man of Steel may be wrong, his talk about the war was not. Superman & Lois officially confirmed that Morgan Edge is building a superhuman army, and using the X-Kryptonite-exposed citizens of Smallville to create that army. Why would he do such a thing? As we learned in the latest episode, it's because Morgan Edge is actually a Kryptonian.

Superman found this out when he confronted Morgan Edge at a remote location and was blown aside by the casual backhand by the Season 1 villain. Edge then informed Superman that he too is a Kryptonian and that he was sent to Earth around the same time that Superman was. He also referred to the hero as "brother," which is another head-spinning reveal. What does it all mean?

First things first, did Morgan Edge literally mean Superman is his brother? It's possible, and DC comics has had instances in its lore in which Superman did have a Kryptonian brother. With that said, I feel like Superman & Lois will ultimately reveal that the "brother" term was more of like a fellow Kryptonian and not a biological brother. Who knows, though? They've pulled a few surprises so far.

The reveal was very shocking, especially for Superman fans who know Morgan Edge hasn't typically or often been portrayed as a Kryptonian. Given the reveal, I'm going to assume his real name is not Morgan Edge, and probably something closer to Clark's real name Kal-El. Maybe it's something like Mor-Ed? It's also possible this has all been a major misdirect, and Morgan Edge is actually an entirely different villain.

I know there have been rumors on the web that Morgan Edge is secretly General Zod, and that's definitely something to consider with that black suit he wore at the end of this episode of Superman & Lois. Zod would be an obvious villain to pit against Superman in his inaugural season and one that would excite a lot of fans of the character. After all, who doesn't like a good throwdown between those two, whether it ends in death or Phantom Zone banishment?

I'm not too ready to throw my guess that Morgan Edge is Zod, especially in light of whatever the "Crisis On Infinite Earths" event might have changed for the Zod previously of Supergirl canon, but I also completely missed all the obvious signs that Captain Luthor is actually Steel. It would definitely be a great reveal for Superman & Lois, but maybe a bit too big of a reveal? After all, these character reveals will be difficult to follow up in Season 2, which is officially confirmed. While I'm all for Superman & Lois setting the bar high, I almost question if also making Morgan Edge a Kryptonian was a bit overkill? I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Superman & Lois airs on The CW Tuesdays at 9:00 p.m. ET. Season 1 has had some big surprises so far, and based on recent comments from Jonathan actor Jordan Elsass, there could be some more on the way.

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