Fandoms Collide As MCU Vet Dave Bautista Celebrates Joining Aquaman's Jason Momoa For Apple+ Series

Dave Bautista looking on in the trailer for Army of the Dead

Sightings of DCEU and MCU stars coming together are rare, but when those moments happen, they can break the internet. Now those two fandoms have gotten closer to sharing a common project. It was announced that Dave Bautista is joining Jason Momoa for the second season of Momoa’s series See. Just like fans, the MCU vet couldn’t help but celebrate joining the Aquaman star’s Apple TV+ drama series.

Dave Bautista took to Twitter to commemorate working with Jason Momoa for the Aquaman star’s Apple TV+ series. He mentioned playing Momoa’s brother on Season 2 of See. Bautista revealed the role allowed him to stretch as an actor. So, check out the Dune star’s celebratory tweet below:

As evident by this tweet, Dave Bautista seems to be fond of acting alongside the Aquaman star. Playing brothers in an Apple+ series isn’t too far off. It isn't too hard to see Dave Bautista and Jason Momoa play siblings, given their similar personalities and backgrounds. But on a different level, the two actors have been similar Hollywood circles for years. So, playing wayward brothers in a sci-fi dystopia isn’t too farfetched.

This isn’t the first time Dave Bautista and Jason Momoa have come together for a huge project. The two actors will appear in Denis Villeneuve's sci-fi epic Dune when it arrives later this year. But from the previews and trailers, they will be on opposite sides of the fight as Momoa plays Duncan Idaho and Bautista plays Glossu Rabban.

Despite playing adversaries, the Dune co-stars have become buddies since starring in the Warner Bros. film. Before last Christmas, Jason Momoa sent Dave Bautista some Harley-Davidson merch as part of Momoa’s collaboration with the motorcycle brand. Once the new season of See drops, maybe viewers will see more gift exchanges between the actors. Let’s hope that pushes Bautista and Momoa to do more film and television projects together… maybe as allies.

Hopefully, all this camaraderie translates into some good news for both DCEU and MCU fans. I mean, between this and Brie Larson and Gal Gadot’s Oscar selfie, there needs to be a crossover at some point. Even directors such as James Gunn can go back-and-forth between the two universes. If the comics and video games showed anything, it’s that DC and Marvel can come together and thrive. It would be cool to see Drax and Aquaman team up for some thrilling fight scenes.

Hopefully, collaborating on Dune and See is just a preview of what Dave Bautista and Jason Momoa can do. I can see this translating into more projects down the line. But until that comes to fruition, DCEU and MCU fans can see the actors share the screen when See Season 2 arrives on Apple TV+ on Aug. 27.

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