WandaVision’s Paul Bettany Reveals What ‘Concerned’ Him About Playing Vision Again In The Disney+ Show

Vision (Paul Bettany) tries to leave the Hex on WandaVision (2021)

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Paul Bettany has been a fixture in the Marvel Cinematic Universe for some time now. The actor originally started as Tony Stark’s faithful A.I., J.A.R.V.I.S., before becoming one of the Avengers’ most powerful members, Vision. The actor has proven to have great affection for his lovable android, so he was surprised and ecstatic when he was asked to reprise the role for Disney+’s WandaVision. However, jumping back into the fan-favorite role wasn’t totally easy for Bettany. He recently revealed that he was actually a bit concerned about playing the role again on the TV show.

Before WandaVision, Paul Bettany had already played Vision three times, meaning he pretty much knew the ins and outs of the character. But WandaVision provided a different kind of Marvel experience for him and co-star Elizabeth Olsen. The show would be a salute to TV, with their characters running through various sitcom motifs throughout different decades. As Bettany explained to THR, this caused him to be somewhat worried going into the series:

I was concerned with how he would remain Vision, if we’re skipping through all of these different genres. Then I thought about how he’s always been in a process of evolution. If the core of him is decency and kindness, then it’ll probably be able to withstand a little bit of Dick Van Dyke.

Paul Bettany was concerned with maintaining the essence of his character while sliding him into the different styles of sitcoms. Doing so was likely a challenge for the actor but, based on his performance, he managed to pull it off without a hitch. The Vision remained the kind and cerebral character he’s always been, but the flashes of Dick Van Dyke and other famous TV actors only enhanced the hero, adding fresh (and comedic) layers to him.

Overall, Paul Bettany seems to have enjoyed his experience on WandaVision, but it did get a little bumpy off camera. The fan-favorite actor created a little bit of controversy when he claimed that he would be working with a major guest, who was revealed to be himself in the role of White Vision. Bettany recently confirmed that while Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige really took no issue with the joke, he personally regrets trolling the fans.

There may not have been a surprise cameo, but there is still reason to be excited. The introduction of White Vision means that Paul Bettany’s MCU journey may not be finished. However, at this point, the actor isn’t quite sure if or when he’ll reprise the role in the future. You can check out the introduction of White Vision by streaming WandaVision on Disney+, which you can sign up for using this link.

To put it simply, Paul Bettany and Elizabeth Olsen knocked it out of the park when it came time for WandaVision. You have to appreciate that the two stars were able to maintain the integrity of their roles while hamming up for the camera to amp up the comedy. I don’t know about you all, but I think some Emmys love is needed.

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