Peter Capaldi Joins His First Major TV Show Since Doctor Who For An Intriguing Role

Peter Capaldi as the Twelfth Doctor in Doctor Who

Playing The Doctor has been pretty much every British actor's (and even actress') dream role for almost 60 years, and now that Peter Capaldi has been one of the few to live it, he is on to other super cool projects. Capaldi was on Doctor Who for a number of years, but decided to leave while he still enjoyed the role and hasn’t had a big TV role since then. Well, that’s about to change, because he just landed his next series and it looks like it’s going to be a good one, with Capaldi leading in an intriguing role.

Peter Capaldi has been cast opposite Patrick Melrose’s Jessica Raine for Amazon’s upcoming The Devil’s Hour. While Capaldi is known for his unique and somewhat dark roles, it looks like The Devil’s Hour will take those traits just a little bit further. He will be playing a recluse with intense murder on his mind, and who is the subject of a driven manhunt.

Interestingly enough, Peter Capaldi's co-star Jessica Raine plays a seemingly unrelated character. The Call The Midwife star plays Lucy Chambers, whose story is the focus of the series. Chambers keeps waking up in the middle of the night at 3:33 am, which not only is a meaningful time and group of numbers, but is also within the hours of 3 am and 4 am, otherwise known as the witching hours or the devil’s hours. Hence the title, right?

In addition to this odd waking occurrence, Lucy Chambers faces other issues in her home concerning her son and mother, and her house no longer a place where she can relax and call a peaceful home. Chamber’s life is filled with questions she can’t seem to get answered.

It would seem that the two storylines converge when the murders thought to involve Peter Capaldi’s character are connected to Lucy Chambers' name in an unexplainable fashion. It’s only when this happens that Jessica Raine’s character begins to get answers about her strange life.

If the intriguing storyline isn’t enough to capture your attention, the production company behind The Devil’s Hour is Hartswood Films, which is also the company that worked on the Sherlock and Dracula series. Steven Moffat is a boss at Hartswood Films, and you may recognize his name from the intro credits to Doctor Who, for which he is the former showrunner, head producer, and writer. Moffat is also acting as executive producer for The Devil’s Hour. Johnny Allan, a newcomer in the industry and director of a couple episodes in Season 1 of The Irregulars, is set to helm the project.

The Devil’s Hour is already filming in London, although there is not yet a date set for the drop on Amazon Prime Video. Once it does arrive, though, it sounds like viewers could be in for a mind-bending ride considering who is a part of the project and the fact that it will be Peter Capaldi's return to TV.

Carlie Hoke
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