More Details About Josh Duggar’s Release On Bail To A Third Party Seem To Reveal Connection To Wife Anna

Some details have come to light in recent weeks after Josh Duggar had a hearing that ultimately led to his bail and a release into a third party. The former 19 Kids and Counting star had been arrested on one count of receiving child pornography and one count of possession of child pornography. While Jim Bob Duggar reportedly wanted Josh to stay on his property, it was determined Duggar would stay with a third party family. Only now, it seems Josh Duggar may have another big connection to the family through his wife Anna, as well.

Josh Duggar is currently staying on the Reber family property in Elkins, Arkansas. We already knew the Reber family was friendly with the Duggar family via church, so there was an established connection between Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar and Lacount and Maria Reber before Josh Duggar began staying there. However, new reports indicate there’s a connection from Josh’s wife Anna Keller Duggar as well.

In fact, it seems as if Anna’s brother David Keller is courting LaCount and Maria Reber’s daughter. A Redditor was first able to capture a screenshot from David Keller’s private Instagram account that introduced his followers to the new girl he is courting: Hannah Reber.

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David Keller's post is accompanied with a message that mentions he’s “really enjoyed” his time with Hannah Reber. It also quotes a bible verse. Reportedly, this is Maria and LaCount’s adult daughter, a piano teacher. The Duggar clan and those in their circle of friends tend to take courting very seriously, so should things progress with Keller and Reber, it's possible that Josh Duggar could end up being related to Hannah Reber and the Rebers on a more formal level. David Keller and Josh Duggar are already in-laws.

Josh Duggar has been staying with the Reber family for a few weeks now. The couple reportedly has property that’s not super near other neighbors, with one next door neighbor citing a "horse pasture" in between the two properties. Still, curiosity has led some people to at least seek out where the Reber property is located during Josh Duggar’s tenure there. The cops have been called by a neighbor at least once, as well.

Meanwhile, Josh Duggar’s tenure at the property was not initially expected to be super long, but that could change. In fact, the former reality star had a trial date set for early July. However, recently his lawyers asked to reschedule the Duggar trial into 2022 to give them more time to work through all of the related computers and paperwork related to the case. The prosecution also responded, noting that the trial could shift a few months but that delaying until next year would be “unnecessary.” We’ll have to wait and see how that shakes out.

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