Netflix's (Totally On Brand) Nailed It Event Didn't Exactly Nail It And Parents Were Not Happy

Nicole Byer on a rollercoaster Nailed It Netflix

Netflix's Nailed It! (hosted by comedian and Wipeout host Nicole Byer) is a hilarious series with lots of fun involved, mainly due to watching contestants try and fail to recreate trendy bakery items and designs. Given the series' popularity, it was no surprise parents jumped at the opportunity to purchase an exclusive online experience for their kids to participate in an interactive version of the show. What parents didn't expect was for the experience to be an outright disaster, though that's totally on-brand.

Parents tuned in with kiddos for an online experience after having reportedly spent $50 on baking kits ordered special for the experience. Unfortunately, after paying for the kits, some attendees were met with technical difficulties. Essentially Fever, the company partnered with Netflix for the Nailed It! event, allegedly gave out the wrong Zoom code, which left many parents with eager kids waiting to decorate unable to join the room and frustrated.

Kids are impatient even when things start on time, so it's no surprise that when the time for the Nailed It! event came and went with no immediate update from the company, parents were upset. By the time a new time for the event had been mailed out by Fever two hours later, some parents had already pressed on and did the entire event.

Fever was absolutely apologetic in all responses sent to disgruntled parents for the error, though nothing was publicly offered in an attempt to make amends for the situation. Per the activity page's website, it was stated that all tickets for the event were non-refundable. It does go on to say that in special circumstances, Fever will work to find another date to reschedule, though it's unsure what will be done for the parents who went ahead and used the baking kits during the originally agreed-upon time.

Children being disappointed en masse can often result in a PR disaster, which is a shame because Netflix's Nailed It! event sounded like it would've been a good time had it happened as planned. In fact, some parents even hopped online to point that out, despite their frustration that the latest event was such a mess.

Complaints from parents have absolutely littered Twitter, to the point that I almost have to feel bad for the poor social media person tasked with responding to each and every person demanding an explanation or a refund. There are few things that will anger a person more than a child being upset and disappointed, and whoever was fielding responses that day for Fever absolutely felt the wrath of parents.

Hey, if I shelled out $50 to have my child crying in frustration because the Nailed It! event they'd been waiting for all week didn't happen, I'd be not-so-pleased too. I'm sure more than a few of these parents will be wary of participating again in anything like this in the future, and some may save themselves the trouble and design cakes poorly on their own time. The good news is that some kids still had fun regardless of the fail, and actually "nailed it."

Certainly better than I could've done! Credit to kids and parents for pulling through. Hopefully, they'll get another chance to carry through with the event the proper way in the future. The actual series Nailed It! is currently available to stream on Netflix. July is actually a great time to be on the streaming service due to an influx of great programming, so be sure to head on over to our handy guide and see what's coming this month.

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