Kang The Conquerer's 4 Biggest Alter-Egos To Know About Following Loki's Season Finale

Kang The Conquerer in Loki on Disney+

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Warning! The following contains SPOILERS for the Loki Season 1 finale on Disney+. Read at your own risk!

Loki Season 1 is finished over on Disney+, but the chaos caused by the variant Loki and Sylvie has only just begun. Kang the Conqueror, a.k.a. He Who Remains (played by Jonathan Majors), warned the duo that they could choose to live under his constructed timeline or kill him and roll the dice on dealing with a worse variant of him. While Loki hesitated, Sylvie didn't listen.

Now the original Kang is likely dead, and Sylvie and Loki will presumably find out that he wasn't lying about some of his alter-egos being far worse than him. Marvel Comics has several of these alternate identities over the years, and there are a few absolutely worth talking about before we get further into the MCU's multiversal madness. Of course, we'll also get into the actual Kang the Conquerer as well, since we really didn't get a ton of time with him in Loki.

Kang The Conqueror In Marvel Comics

Kang The Conquerer (Original)

Loki told us the origin of its Kang the Conquerer in the Season 1 finale, and while some of it jives with Kang's original origin story in Marvel Comics, there are notable differences. Both were scientists in the 31st century, though comics Kang was first called "Nathaniel Richards." The Kang persona was developed after he harnessed time-traveling technology created by notable Fantastic Four villain Victor von Doom, and uses it to travel through time to his own ends. It is through his constant time travel he creates these multiple personas, who go on to cause trouble for Marvel heroes.

In Loki, Kang is still involved in time, though he explained to Loki and Sylvie that he's protecting the sacred timeline from multiversal versions of himself that are far worse than he could ever be. It's entirely possible that he could be lying about his intentions or how his alter-egos are created, though the MCU does seem on a clear path to introducing the multiverse throughout all its properties. Needless to say, I would expect some slight tweaks in Kang's story that differ from Marvel Comics, which is not at all uncommon with characters in the MCU.

Rama Tut In Marvel Comics


When Kang first decided to utilize time travel, one of the first alter egos he created was Rama-Tut. Kang assumed this identity and soon took control of ancient Egypt. One would think a time-traveling superhero team could easily dethrone him, but remember, Kang still is loaded with 31st-century tech that makes it possible for him to know just about every move. He even has an "ultra-diode" ray guy that can block a hero's powers and sap human willpower.

One interesting story about Rama-Tut is that his original plan for traveling to Egypt was to guide En Sabah Nur as his heir. That's the long name for the mutant Marvel fans know as Apocalypse, so Rama-Tut could be a way for the X-Men to be introduced into the MCU finally. Of course, it's worth mentioning that plan was foiled by the Fantastic Four, so they're also some heroes that could go toe to toe with him at some point in the future... or is it past?

Immortus Kang The Conquerer Marvel Comics


Immortus is the alter ego Kang the Conquerer is often fated to be. He's a future version of Kang and has had various plots in Marvel Comics history. This includes maintaining the timeline at the behest of the Time Keepers, as well as manipulating Wanda Maximoff for a great plot to become the ultimate timekeeper in all of existence. Immortus has worked alongside The Avengers on rare occasions as well, so he's literally all over the place.

Truth be told, there's a chance that Loki and Sylvie talked to Immortus rather than Kang the Conquerer. Technically they're the same person with more time traveling mileage on one version than the other, and some of Immortus' storylines link up with stuff happening in the MCU. Plus, he never actually gave anyone his name during the Loki episode aside from "He Who Remains" (which is actually the name of the final director of the TVA in the comics and a completely unrelated character to Kang). It's all interesting to ponder, especially since Immortus lived in limbo and was known as someone who "pruned timelines." He's a master of time in this stage, which makes him one of the most dangerous to deal with.

Iron Lad in Marvel Comics

Iron Lad

When a villain creates multiple versions of themselves intentionally or unintentionally, a hero is bound to be born out of one of them. Such is the case with Iron Lad, who is a younger version of Kang the Conqueror who used his advanced technology to essentially become a new Iron Man. He did his best to combat his eventual fate as the villainous Kang the Conqueror, and for a time, he was able to break the cycle.

Unfortunately, it would appear even Iron Lad eventually fell victim to his darker desires, which may be why the TVA in Loki believed so firmly that people can't change their nature. Whether that's actually true or merely the doctrine of a bunch of immortal fools remains to be seen in the MCU. There's been no talk of Iron Lad appearing in the MCU, but it is worth noting he's been a Young Avenger. Could we possibly see him in a project like that?

Victor Timely Marvel Comics

Victor Timely

Perhaps the most intriguing of Kang variants, Victor Timely is a variant that decided to set up shop in 1901 and develop robotics as a tycoon with the idea he'd conquer the 20th century. When he'd travel elsewhere, he'd leave robotic doppelgangers in his place that would age and die naturally. After they died, Kang would merely take on the identity of a son of Timely and resume his work and his family industry.

The key thing to realize here is that Kang the Conquerer feasibly has copies of himself in the past, present and future. These variants are dispersed all throughout time and space, which makes him all the more formidable and difficult to truly defeat. Honestly, it's the refreshing type of big bad the MCU needs, so I'm really hoping we get Victor Timely as some tycoon in the past in addition to all these variants mentioned thus far.

Loki Season 1 is currently available to stream over on Disney+, so make sure you're subscribed to the streaming service. Season 2 is on the way, and hopefully upcoming Marvel movies and other shows may clue us in on what's happening with Kang before the new season is here.

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