Tyler Cameron Clears The Air About Dating Timeline With The Bachelorette's Hannah Brown And Gigi Hadid

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The road to love is well-documented to not be easy in the Bachelor franchise. More often than not, the lead and the final rose winner go their separate ways after a season. Such was the case for Hannah Brown (The Bachelorette, Season 15) – in jaw-dropping fashion, I might add – who ended up reuniting with Tyler Cameron after the show, although the details were never entirely clear. Cameron caught some flak for being spotted with model Gigi Hadid around the same time. Now he's clearing the air about his questionable dating timeline.

Bachelor Nation fans will recall that Hannah Brown's Bachelorette season definitely did not go as expected. After many weeks of canoodling, she chose contestant Jed Wyatt for the final rose over Tyler Cameron. But it eventually came to light that Wyatt had a girlfriend the whole time. Even worse, Cameron came back into the picture and supposedly was running the same game on Brown, only with the beautiful and famous Gigi Hadid. But in Cameron's newly released memoir – You Deserve Better: What Life Has Taught Me About Love, Relationships, and Becoming Your Best Self – he claims the timeline wasn't as shady as people think. He wrote (via US Weekly):

At the end of the show, after everything about Jed [Wyatt] and his offscreen girlfriend came out, Hannah asked me out again. Now, to be clear, she is the one who reached out to me. Later on, it was framed like I was the one who pursued her — which maybe was a producer’s edit — and that felt unfair. Of course, I was glad to hear from her, and I was happy to see her again, but I also made it clear that I needed to take some time for myself to figure out was right for me.

In 2019, Tyler Cameron and Hannah Brown were spotted together in Los Angeles. Fans were in a particularly giddy uproar when it was reported that Cameron spent the night at Brown's house. Cameron confirmed in his memoir that he had been at her place and then, two days later, was on a date with Gigi Hadid in New York City.

According to Tyler Cameron's telling of the drama, though, The Bachelorette’s Hannah Brown knew that he was going to be seeing other people. He explained:

Now I know, this was a major mistake on my end. Not because I shouldn’t have been dating, because I was very clear with Hannah all along that after the way the show ended, I needed some time and space to figure things out. I even called Hannah in the afternoon the same day I arrived in New York and told her again that I thought we both deserved to date other people. But I still put Hannah in a tough, tough position.

For her part, Hannah Brown played off Tyler Cameron and Gigi Hadid’s short-lived romance at the time. She told US Weekly that single life was “great” and that she wasn't too focused on finding a man. Cameron reflected on her public response to the kerfuffle in his memoir, saying,

She handled it well; she answered everything with class. But that’s one thing I feel very, very sorry for. If I could go back and do it all again, I would handle it differently. My communication should have been better.

Alas, complications and miscommunications arise all the time within Bachelor Nation. Just ask Clare Crawley. Even more recently, in the last season of The Bachelor, Matt James had to publicly distance himself from final rose winner Rachael Kirkconnell after racially insensitive photos came to light (which became the catalyst for Chris Harrison’s departure as host). Months later, the two managed to work things out and are currently dating.

Apparently, these days Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron are still good friends. But it's doubtful that Cameron and Gigi Hadid are, given she's been back with Zayn Malik for some time and the two had their first child earlier this year. Some things are just better left in the past, or in a juicy memoir.

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