Bachelor Spoilers: Does Matt James Get Engaged In His Finale?

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Warning! Potential spoilers for Season 25 of The Bachelor, starring Matt James, are ahead. Only continue if there aren't enough cocktail parties in the world to quell your curiosity!

We still have quite a ways to go when it comes to watching Matt James try to find his one, true love on this season of The Bachelor. Matt has already found several favorites, but he's also having a hard time dealing with the drama among the women, and is in sore need of a whittling down in the cast so that he can spend more time with the ladies he really likes. There haven't been a ton of spoilers this season, but we do think we know whom he chose at the end. So, does Matt actually get engaged in his finale? We may now have our answer.

Even though Matt already lost one woman who seemed like a serious contender for his heart when Sarah Trott decided to leave early after realizing she didn't quite have her head in the love game right now, he still has several women left who have touched his heart (and some other places). While we all want to see how Matt's season plays out, we also really, really want to know if he's going to leave his finale as an engaged man. Well, according to spoiler king Reality Steve, Matt did not propose or get engaged while the cameras initially rolled on his season.

Obviously, if this turns out to be true, it will not be the most shocking thing to have happened in the world of The Bachelor. There is only one Bachelor who did propose on the show and actually married that woman (Hey, Sean and Catherine!). And, if you don't recall (which is understandable, seeing as how every season earlier than this one now feels like it happened 1.2 million years ago), a recent past Bachelor season saw the lead and his Final Rose leave the show without becoming engaged. 

In 2019, Colton Underwood sent two of his final three home to go after Cassie Randolph, even though she said she wasn't ready, and dated for a while after the show. Even that romance did not end well, so it's probably for the best that Matt doesn't propose if he's not quite feeling like it's the right move.

Viewers have seen that contestants like Chelsea Vaughn, Abigail Heringer, and (shockingly) Kit Keenan have made quite the impression on Matt so far. But, spoilers point toward other favorites Michelle Young, Bri Springs, Rachael Kirkconnell, and Serena Pitt being the ones granted hometown dates near the end. We've also been told that, apparently, Matt will continue to be impressed with Rachael (and she with him) and that she'll end up as the one he walks off into the Pennsylvania sunset with. Which makes a lot of sense, seeing as how we just saw them say they're falling in love.

Until recently, Reality Steve's intel was unclear as to the current status of Matt and Rachael's relationship, but he feels confident now to say that the two are still together, but without any Neil Lane-sized proof of that commitment. There's no word right now about why Matt didn't propose, but I can only imagine that that's something we will get to see in the finale. Supposedly, Matt will also be confronted with his commitment issues later this season when his dad shows up, so it might have something to do with him realizing he still has some stuff to work out before he can make such a big step.

We'll all be able to see how Matt's journey goes when The Bachelor airs every Monday at 8 p.m. EST on ABC. For more to watch in the coming weeks, check out our guide to early 2021 TV!

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