See Kevin Hart And Snoop Dogg Learn Martial Arts From Adorable Kids As Part Of Their Olympics Education

Anyone in need of endless coverage of the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics need only turn to one of roughly a bazillion NBCUniversal-backed platforms to watch events, analysis and everything else. But for my money, the hilarious Olympic Highlights with Kevin Hart and Snoop Dogg is the only recap-centered programming that should be required viewing for both those who obsess over the Olympics and those who couldn't care less. Case in point: who doesn't want to watch famous celebrities in their 40s getting completely schooled in martial arts skills by 9-year-old twins?

That's precisely what happened during a recent installment of Olympic Highlights, which featured Kevin Hart and Snoop Dogg recapping events from the worlds of cycling, rugby and 3x3 basketball. They were even joined at one point by comedy star and Holey Moley host Rob Riggle, who is perhaps better known for shaking up NFL coverage on Fox. But it was at the end of the episode when the talented youths Oliver and Jonathan Ho showed up and inspired Hart to show off his head-kicking abilities (assuming his opponents' heads were roughly at thigh-level). Check out the clip below!

Considering how loud and energetic Kevin Hart tends to be in his everyday life, it's all the more amusing that the actor and comedian is a little hoarse and ever-so-slightly more subdued during this Olympics recap, since it literally requires him to get physical. His vaguely reserved manner also adds to the humor of him boasting to these children that his sloppily delivered "head kicks" would immediately kill whoever they touched, and there's something so funny about him bemusedly snapping whenever the Twinjas comment and correct his form.

There's still nothing but respect swirling around that Peacock stage, though, since Oliver and Jonathan Ho are admirably professional in their attempts to give the weed-addled Snoop Dogg and Kevin Hart a lesson in roundhouse kicks, fight stances, and how not to look like you're constipated while standing around in a horse stance. Regardless of how scripted and planned this segment may have been - Hart and Snoop's cursing around the kids does add to the idea that things were discussed with the Twinjas' guardians beforehand - it's still aces all around.

While it doesn't get brought up during the Olympic Highlights segment, it's worth pointing out that Oliver and Jonathan Ho's father Steven Ho, who appeared later in the clip, has had a long career in Hollywood as a fight choreographer, trainer and stuntman. Arguably his first big break came doing stunts for the two Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles sequels that followed the original 1990 live-action film. He went on to work on such projects as Blade, two of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, The Walking Dead and NCIS: Los Angeles, to name a few. So it's no wonder the Twinjas are so damned impressive.

Even though there are only a few more days of Olympics events to enjoy, I'm definitely hoping NBCU finds ways to keep Kevin Hart and Snoop Dogg around in a commentator capacity, whether it be for NBC's Sunday Night Football or for USA's Monday Night Raw or something else. But let's just continue to enjoy the Olympics Highlights installments while we have the, so stay tuned to see when the next episode will drop!

Nick Venable
Assistant Managing Editor

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