Monday Night Raw Had A Santa Lookalike Ringside, And Fans Were Loving It

Guy who looks like Santa Monday Night Raw

Monday Night Raw had a lot of storylines heading into its show in Kansas City, and while fans were invested in what craziness Alexa Bliss would get into or how Bobby Lashley would respond to Goldberg's call out, there were other things to pay attention to. For example, some man who sat ringside the entire night looked like the iconic king of Christmas, Santa Claus, and fans absolutely loved it.

To get a few things out of the way immediately, this man did not seem to be a part of the show whatsoever, nor was there any indication he dressed up intentionally to look like Father Christmas taking a night off to watch some pro wrestling in the City of Fountains. Of course, that didn't stop the internet from running wild for "Santamania", as they immediately became aware of his presence in the opening segment.

I can't fault the world for immediately calling this poor man Santa Claus as I'll admit the exact same thing crossed my mind for a moment. Little did I know then that folks online were shocked to see "Santa" on their television, as well as his vacation attire.

It was one of those magical moments in television where the audience wasn't quite sure if this man intentionally set out to steal the show at Monday Night Raw or if he was just oblivious to it all and enjoying a night of wrestling. I'm inclined to think the latter, but only because it makes the fact he captured the attention of so many viewers all the better.

Once "Hawaiian Santa" gets home and realizes he's a small-time WWE celebrity, what's the next step? After all, the brand has had its share of iconic fans in the past who have appeared ringside. Folks like Brock Lesnar Guy, Angry Miz Girl and Shocked Undertaker guy have all managed to have a small amount of stardom by being in the right place at the right time. Could this man be the next minor celebrity of WWE who appears every so often in the crowd with no explanation?

I certainly hope this isn't the last we've seen of Santa, though I completely respect his right to privacy if he'd like to fade into obscurity after this brief night in the spotlight. Also, I'm not entirely convinced Monday Night Raw didn't plan this, especially after I learned AEW (which has been making moves as of late) recently featured a guy who resembled Jesus in the crowd.

It's moments like these that really make you appreciate the fact that fans are back in the stands at wrestling events. Had WWE still been in the Thunderdome, who knows if we would've gotten this moment that captivated so many in the downtime between WWE action. Can we just start the petition now for this guy to be at SummerSlam?

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Mick Joest
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