Lisa Vanderpump Shares Thoughts About How Scheana Shay And Brock Davies’ Relationship Will Impact Vanderpump Rules Season 9

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Vanderpump Rules is the last of Bravo's lineup to break free of the quarantine production shutdowns. (Even Family Karma lapped it.) Fans are curious to know exactly where all of Lisa Vanderpump’s misfit (un)employees and their frequently messy relationships stand now, nearly two years later. Vanderpump is sharing some insight on that front, particularly how Scheana Shay and Brock Davies’ relationship somehow takes center stage in Season 9.

Notably, fans only just met Sheana Shay's new, beau Brock Davies, in the last season. There wasn't much story there, apart from Shay finding someone who actually wanted to be with her this time (right, Adam Spott?). However, filming for Season 9 of Vanderpump Rules reportedly commenced around May, coinciding with the birth of Shay and Davies’ Rainbow Baby. Lisa Vanderpump reveals that Shay’s castmates, true to form, had some thoughts on her relationship. She said to US Weekly:

Is Brock The One? Only Scheana will find out that, but it definitely got a little complicated there. And a few people had a lot of opinions, and they weren’t afraid to verbalize them. … He is very much loved, but it wasn’t a smooth journey.

I'm predicting that the Vanderpump Rules cast's view on Scheana Shay’s relationship is probably that she'ss rushing into something permanent (i.e. a baby with someone) without really knowing them. (She has been accused of as much before.) In truth, Shay and Brock Davies have only been dating since November of 2019, and they conceived their child sometime around August of 2020. So things have definitely been “moving fast,” as they say.

Yet it seems Sheana Shay and Brock Davies didn't really take the Vanderpump Rules cast's opinions as reality. The two are still together, only now they have their daughter Summer Moon, who was born in April. Moreover, the two recently announced in July that they were engaged to be married. Filming for Season 9 of Vanderpump Rules seemingly wrapped production before their engagement news broke, but Lisa Vanderpump indicates that their relationship sets the groundwork for a much more adult season than ever before:

Their relationship does play out on Vanderpump Rules this season. Vanderpump Rules definitely felt [like] it was a different energy, but it did [still] feel as complicated and as intense, but because they were grown up, it seems like there were slightly more in-depth issues rather than, you know, somebody saying ’It’s my birthday.’ It’s the kind of show that you could actually shoot all year round because when you have a group of people so inextricably entwined with very different opinions and also provocative characters that liked to express their opinions, things often get complicated. It’s a great season and it’s coming back very soon, I’m not allowed to say exactly when.

Vanderpump Rules’ ninth season will certainly be different. Half the cast was fired last year, and series alums Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright quit. Most of the remaining stars, including Lala Kent and Scheana Shay, were new mothers at the time of filming. So I guess when DJ James Kennedy said things were going to be totally different this year, he really meant that the cast was just maturing.

Hopefully, this season will still have some of the old drama that made Vanderpump Rules so successful, though. A hard task, with so many babies and engagements materializing.

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