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SNL Vet Leslie Jones Sparked 'Happy Tears' For Middle School Librarian After Last-Minute Donation

Leslie Jones may have departed Saturday Night Live a few years ago, but she’s still been delighting the public in a number of ways. Whether it be through her hosting gig on the latest version of Supermarket Sweep or her tendency to live-tweet massive superhero movies, she’s still keeping a firm foot in the public eye. But it would seem she’s doing far more than generating massive laughs, though. The actress and comedian is also taking the time to contribute to worthy causes, which was most recently evidenced by a last-minute donation that caused a middle school librarian to cry “happy tears.”

To give a bit of context, Brittany Gendron, a North Carolina-based librarian, was aiming to raise money for supplies that would aid her middle school library in the fight against COVID-19. According to The Charlotte Observer, pressure was setting in as the school's open house was steadily approaching. This led Gendron to make an appeal to Leslie Jones on social media with a heartfelt message and a list of her needs. Well, that same day, Jones saw the message and later responded that she “cleared the list.”

Moved and surprised by Leslie Jones' response, Brittany Gendron went back to Twitter to share an emotional reaction. Check out the heartwarming response down below:

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Celebrity/fan interactions over social media can vary, but moments like these are incredibly special. Leslie Jones’ contribution was generous enough, but what’s even more amazing is that other social media users reportedly began to contribute supplies after seeing the posts. Considering the rise in COVID-19 cases as of late and the fact that her county’s school board has made masks optional, the librarian can’t be happy enough with the contributions.

Leslie Jones is far from the only celebrity to have made charitable contributions amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Earlier in the pandemic, X-Men star James McAvoy made a large donation to help the UK combat COVID. Meanwhile, fellow X-Men star Ryan Reynolds repurposed an ad, aimed at Hugh Jackman, in order to help out-of-work bartenders affected by the pandemic.

In addition to giving to worthy causes on her own time, Leslie Jones is also working with a show that seems to be all-in on providing for those in need. Supermarket Sweep actually donates unused food to local charities and food banks. Even the food and pet supplies are sent to a pet welfare organization. Honestly, I can’t think of a better way for the fan-favorite game show to contribute to the public.

Leslie Jones has already proven to be a lovable star, and this recent act of kindness just further solidifies it. As she continues to land new roles, let’s hope she continues to pay it forward.

You can see Leslie Jones when Supermarket Sweep returns on September 26.

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