Ryan Reynolds Repurposes Ad Aimed At Hugh Jackman Feud To Help Bartenders In Need

Free Guy Ryan Reynolds walks with a coffee, amidst chaos

Is there anything more entertaining than the fake, but funny feud between Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman? Their spirited antics have gone on for quite some time, and while the rivalry isn’t real, the good nature behind it is more than apparent. The latest proof comes in a new video advertising the Free Guy star’s alcohol brand, Aviation Gin, in the name of helping bartenders in need. And to think, it started as an attack ad.

Before we go any further, we really need you to watch the ad that Ryan Reynolds has cooked up and shared on Twitter. So take a look at this spot for Aviation Gin:

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As it stands, the advertisement is a fun and good natured nudge for folks to buy some Aviation Gin to help the bide their time while staying at home. For every bottle that’s sold online, Reynolds’ company will donate 30% of the sale to bartenders who are currently being impacted by the unfortunate current events. That’s pretty clear cut, isn’t it?

Well, looking into the message of this ad, from the man who hopes that Deadpool 3 and Disney is the next winning cocktail his charming Canadian face can conjure, a pattern starts to form. Alcohol, as Ryan Reynolds’ narration points out, helps make fun, if not ill-advised decisions a reality. Which means that coffee, the stimulant that can get you more jacked up and jittery than an uncredited punch-up writer for Green Lantern, isn’t exactly the hero in this ad.

You don’t even need to see the brand name to know that Ryan Reynolds is taking indirect comedic aim at Hugh Jackman’s Laughing Man Coffee, a group that’s done its own share to help coffee growers in other nations make a living. Much like the group effort Reynolds and co-star in marriage/free recipient of Laughing Man Coffee for life, Blake Lively, launched to help feed those in need, this snarky barb towards Jackman is a way of taking charity and making it fun. And that fun implies that gin is in, and coffee's a sin... especially when it comes from one of People Magazine's sexiest X-Men alive.

Ultimately, the question that the Ryan Reynolds’ “attack ad” is posing is the following: would you rather embrace the powers of alcohol and make Green Lantern, or submit to the wiles of coffee and make X-Men Origins: Wolverine? Though, when you really think about it, both roads lead to X-Men Origins: Wolverine, so is there really a good guy here?

Ryan Reynolds can next be seen in Free Guy, which is set for a December 11 release date. Meanwhile, Hugh Jackman can currently be seen in the HBO film Bad Education, and is probably writing his own rebuttal ad to counter Aviation Gin’s scurrilous claims. Drink up, and stay safe, dear readers. Let’s keep this friendly feud going in style.

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