Battlestar Galactica’s Katee Sackhoff Explains How One Fan Encounter Stuck With Her For Years

The Mandalorian and Battlestar Galactica star Katee Sackhoff shared somewhat of a life update on Instagram recently. The actress, who has been in the industry for over two decades now, replaced a tattoo she got at the start of the millennium, which was initially thanks to a fan encounter she had that wasn’t too pleasant.

Katee Sackhoff took to Instagram to explain how one fan encounter stuck with her all these years. She told the story of how after meeting someone in 2001, she no longer felt she deserved privacy because of the career she’s in. While the end result angered her, Sackhoff became stronger than ever:

I wrote Public Property on my arm in 2001 after a woman chastised me for asking for privacy while I was eating with my family. She told me I had given up my right to privacy. While incredibly angry there was a part of me that believed her.

Fans can definitely be harsh and while being an actor or a singer, or something else in the industry means having less privacy, that doesn’t mean that they have to fully give up their right to privacy. Katee Sackhoff explained how she felt for 20 years as an actor and it’s something that she’s now looked past:

As an actor I’ve always felt not only a responsibility to be a role model but an inevitability that your privacy wains as you become more well-known, and that in some way we as performers signed up for it. That’s what I used to think anyway, and it served me well for 20 years.

Now, Sackhoff is looking ahead to the future and not the past. She shared that she’s officially replaced her tattoo with something much more meaningful and personal to her:

Two hysterical sessions and almost 12 hrs later…I replaced my tattoo with the thing I’m most protective of. The thing that fills my heart with joy. The person who validated my newly discovered self worth when we met. My bestfriend and partner. My compass. My family. My Husband (almost) My Robin.

It’s not easy being in the limelight for such a long time but having experience means having growth. It looks like Katee Sackhoff has definitely grown since that encounter. She is also learning how much of a role model she really is and that she can have privacy. Covering her original tattoo is much more personal and seems to be an indication that she's taking full ownership over her work-life balance and celebrating what she cares about.

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Sackhoff’s new tattoo is just the beginning for her and marks a new chapter in her life. And it’s something that she will always hold close to her.

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