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It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia Season 15 Totally Replaced Danny DeVito's Frank In Weird New Video

charlie and frank behind paddy's bar in it's always sunny in philadelphia season 14
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If there is any fairness or justice left in the world, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia will outlast all other forms of media and entertainment. It's already got a decent head start, with FXX having renewed the ribald comedy for four more season. The Gang is currently filming Season 15, and it looks like there will be a switcheroo that happens at some point, with Danny DeVito being replaced by an imposter! At least, that's what it appears is happening in this video shared by star Rob McElhenney.

Check out the intriguingly mysterious TikTok video below from Rob McElhenney, which reveals its new Faux Frank as The Who's classic track "Who Are You?" plays, CSI-style.

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Just when you thought it was safe to make assumptions about what you think is the back of Danny DeVito's head, Rob McElhenney reveals that such assumptions should be chopped up and thrown away. Because that's not DeVito at all! But considering neither Glenn Howerton's Dennis nor Charlie Day's Charlie look all that perplexed or miffed by it, is this video setting up the idea that Frank will be the victim of a particularly extreme case of identity theft? Or maybe it's nothing quite as nefarious, and this is a brother or cousin of Frank's who just happens to share some of the same...Frank-iness. If this guy pulls out a Vodka Turkey or a Whiskey Rack Of Lamb instead of a Rum Ham, someone will need to take him down.

If we're being honest with ourselves, it's far more likely that Frank goes out and hires a lookalike as a physical stand-in for hanging out with the rest of the Gang, so that he can go out and do far more bothersome things. And it stands to reason that each of the other four characters would take a shocking amount of time to realize it isn't Frank they've been dealing with. If anything, Dee might notice, but would then have the others gaslighting her into believing it actually is Frank.

Danny DeVito, who revisited the Batman universe for the upcoming comic book follow-up to Batman Returns, instantly became one of It's Always Sunny's many irreplaceable elements upon joining the show in its second season. His storylines are some of the wildest and most bizarre comedic plots on TV, and the actor truly deserves some kind of lifetime achievement award for pulling it off on a (mostly) yearly basis. Who else has this much gravitas while chomping down on a peach?

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While fans probably won't get any answers about the Danny DeVito debacle until Season 15 comes around, we can always have fun daydreaming. Go ahead and tack a Kitten Mitten to your calendar while waiting, even though we have no idea what date it'll actually premiere yet. Maybe just keep current with the rest of the 2021 Fall TV schedule to stay informed while waiting.

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