Free Britney Twist: Ms. Spears Allegedly Wants One Of Her Conservators To Stay On Indefinitely

In just the past few months, there have been several developments in the battle over Britney Spears' conservatorship. From the singer finally revealing her true feelings about life under the agreement in court, to lots of public in-fighting with her family, and Spears beginning to regain some of her freedom as her father, Jamie, agrees to step down, things appear to finally be going the way the younger Spears has wanted for a long time. Now, though, it's being alleged that the star wants one of her conservators to stay on indefinitely.

According to a new report from TMZ, while Britney Spears is still very eager to have her dad out of the conservatorship and to get the whole arrangement ended as soon as possible, there is one aspect of it that she would like to keep around. That would be the assistance of her current conservator of the person, Jodi Montgomery, who took on the role in September 2019. Allegedly, Spears would like Montgomery to continue working for her indefinitely, even after the conservatorship officially ends, whenever that may be.

It's being said that Spears has already informed multiple people in her inner circle that she's spoken with Montgomery about staying on her team for the long haul, without any conservatorship in play. She would like Montgomery to do things such as make appointments for her, deal with her doctors, make sure she continues to take the correct regimen of her medications, set up recreational outings, have meals and / or personal chefs commissioned, and organize Spears' household staff, and perform other duties, many of which are things she already does for the pop star.

Apparently, Spears has told everyone that Montgomery did agree to stay on when the conservatorship ends.

The most recent developments in Britney Spears fight to get out of the conservatorship have surprised many. While Jamie Spears did finally agree to step down back in mid-August, he also noted that he would only do it "when the time is right," and added that he felt it was "highly debatable whether a change in conservator" was actually the right thing for his daughter. In early September, the superstar filed papers with the court stating that her dad was trying to extort her, by demanding almost $2 million as a “quid pro quo” to leave the conservatorship.

Then, just earlier this week, Jamie Spears filed a petition asking that the whole conservatorship be scrapped, something his daughter has wanted for a long time and he has been against. His filing said that "circumstances" which led to the agreement in the first place may "have changed to such an extent that grounds for establishment of a conservatorship may no longer exist," and added that the elder Spears "wants is what is best for his daughter." Spears also asked that the conservatorship end without the need for his daughter to undergo a mental evaluation.

Even though Jamie Spears is expected to step down from his role as the conservator who handles all of his daughter's finances at the next court hearing on September 29, there could still be a tough legal road ahead for the singer. Her attorney has vowed that they will continue their "investigation into financial mismanagement and other issues," which will likely take a while and keep her embroiled in legal trouble with her dad. Plus, she and her lawyer have yet to file their own petition to end the conservatorship, which appears to be a necessary step in wrapping it up completely.

Spears seems to be very close to getting her wish of having the conservatorship end, but there's quite a road ahead. So, while it might appear odd for her to want to keep Jodi Montgomery on even after the conservatorship, it has become pretty clear that the pop icon trusts Montgomery, and probably feels like she could use her in her corner as she continues the fight to uncover all of the alleged wrongs done in the past 13 years.

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