Britney Spears Danced, Drove And Celebrated Her 'Freedom' After Dad Jamie Agreed To Step Down As Conservator

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Britney Spears has a lot to celebrate about these days. Most notably, her dad Jamie has recently agreed to step down as the conservator of her finances after her legal team petitioned for him to exit the role. The conservatorship is still technically in place, but nevertheless, the pop singer is dancing and driving all over town to commemorate the recent freedoms she's won.

Jamie Spears’ announcement that he was stepping down as a co-conservator came with a few caveats. (He indicated that the move wasn't in Britney Spears’ “best interest” and that a “transition” period was underway.) She was seemingly not swayed by her dad’s words, though, because only a day later, the younger Spears took to her Instagram with another viral video of her dance moves that mentioned "letting go is freedom."

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The “Baby One More Time” singer is pretty notorious for her social media dances coinciding with big updates in the conservatorship case. However, Britney Spears had indicated prior to her dad Jamie’s decision that she was actually going to be posting online less after feeling “completely hopeless” over “mean lies” circulating about her.

Additionally, before Jamie Spears’ decision became public knowledge, Britney Spears had hinted on Instagram that one day she was going to “live on the edge.” It looks like that day has finally come. Spears is celebrating her freedom in the long-coveted form of driving herself after her conservatorship allowed her to drive freely again. Now, the singer has been spotted driving her Mercedes-Benz near her home in Thousand Oaks, California, per The Daily Mail.

Britney Spears had, in fact, lamented previously how neither she nor her boyfriend were allowed to drive her, per the conservatorship’s (i.e. her father’s) rules. After switching lawyers, though, the court finally lifted the restriction a few weeks ago.

The family dynamics at play within Britney Spears’s conservatorship have played out fairly publicly in recent weeks. Many in her family were making serious bank on her payroll. Moreover, after her mom Lynne Spears came forward in support of Jamie stepping down, he in turn claimed the mother/daughter have an “estranged” relationship that she financially benefits from. (Things have also appeared rather estranged between Britney and her sister Jamie Lynn.)

The changes being made to Britney Spears’s conservatorship are rolling in rather quickly. It only took 13 years and a “Free Britney” movement to see the dial move. Her fans are still hoping to have the conservatorship removed entirely. Judging by Jamie Spears’ statement that his stepping down is predicated on finding a new replacement, it is unclear if that goal will be fully achieved.

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