Below Deck Med Spoilers: What Does Lexi Wilson's Latest Conflict Mean For The Rest Of Season 6?

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Spoilers ahead for the episode of Below Deck: Mediterranean that airs September 13 on Bravo. Stop reading now if you don't want to know what happens next!

In an episode a few weeks ago, Below Deck: Mediterranean star Lexi Wilson had a huge drunken blowup with the rest of the crew. Her shocking words and behavior sparked a backlash from Bravo fans who complained that she should have been fired on the spot. Her superiors on the boat ultimately let it slide at the time due to extenuating circumstances. But upon watching the early release episode on Peacock featuring Wilson's latest conflict, the rest of Season 6 will probably see even more stormy seas.

Things go from bad to worse between co-stars Mathew Shea and Lexi Wilson in the upcoming Below Deck: Mediterranean episode, now out on Peacock. To be fair, Shea reignited their long-standing feud when he said on the crew’s day off that Wilson should leave and newcomer Delaney Evans should stay on the boat. Wilson attempted to avoid Shea’s baiting, but they had to ultimately be separated from each other and Wilson would say later at the crew’s dinner that Shea was “retarded,” along with several other controversial and offensive comments, including:

My parents are amazing and your parents should have aborted you. I'm pro-choice. Your parents should have fucking aborted you. You're a dick. You're ugly as fuck and, if this wasn't on camera, I would have smacked your ass.

This latest argument could mean that Lexi Wilson's days might be numbered on Below Deck: Mediterranean’s sixth season. In the previous blowup, Wilson’s sharp tongue was excused as grief after her dad's death only a few months prior, and because Captain Sandy wanted to give her another shot. But the crew could use Wilson's controversial words as further ammunition for really getting her fired this time. Wilson was in fact already on thin ice due to mistakes on the job that necessitated bringing in a new fourth stew. Delaney Evans was supposed to leave after the crew day off, but now they might have a good reason for her to stay longer.

If Lexi Wilson doesn't get fired after the heated debacle, these last few episodes of Season 6 will certainly be awkward and tense, to say the least. Lexi Wilson and Mathew Shea, in their roles as stewardess and chef respectively, must work together very closely on charters when it comes to parlaying food to guests. Perhaps chief stew Katie Flood will keep Wilson on laundry duty for the remainder of Below Deck: Mediterranean as an easy fix. But likely this scenario would create more of the ever-growing resentment between Wilson and the rest of the crew, and it makes sense because people have been fired for less in the show's past.

Either way, Lexi Wilson's bark might just come back to bite her this time. Find out her fate in the last few episodes of Below Deck: Mediterranean on Monday nights on Bravo or through early access on Peacock.

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