Doctor Who's Newest Star On Joining The Show For Jodie Whittaker's Final Season

Doctor Who Season 13 cast

John Bishop

Season 13 of the modern-day Doctor Who is steadily approaching after the show's lengthy hiatus, and it'll mark the last hurrah for the 13th Doctor. With big losses come big gains, though, and Season 13 is bringing on new faces, as Jodie Whittaker prepares to take her leave. John Bishop, one of the franchise's newest additions, spoke tabout joining the show for Whittaker’s final season and what it is like coming into an iconic show with his first major TV role.

John Bishop recently appeared on the cover of Doctor Who Magazine and gave an exclusive about his on-set experience with Jodie Whittaker and the rest of the cast. Apparently, he has been welcomed with open arms, which is an obvious comfort to him, since Doctor Who will be his biggest appearance in a program yet. He also shared some praise for Whittaker. Here’s what the actor says, exactly:

They've been great to work with. So welcoming and really supportive, particularly to someone like me who's not done a run on a series like this before. I know everyone knows it, but as everyone says, Jodie is phenomenal. The way [Jodie] carries this show - the amount of responsibility that she wears so lightly on her shoulders - is staggering. The run's coming to an end soon and we were all talking earlier about how weird it will be not seeing each other every week.

Though the Skins actor is a new addition to Doctor Who, he, along with plenty of other Brits, grew up with the long-running series. The pressure of being a part of something so huge and important to pop culture (and an entire country’s identity) is sure to be a weight not easily carried. However, it appears Jodie Whittaker bears the weight gracefully and has even taken some of the edge off Bishop and her co-stars.

Things are sure to shift upon Jodie Whittaker’s departure, especially since she's not the only one leaving the show. Showrunner Chris Chibnall will also be bowing out alongside her. While the loss of a showrunner pretty much always guarantees changes around the set, there is actually some phenomenal news on that front, as Russell T. Davies will be returning to take up the mantle again. The writer exited the show in 2009 after reviving it in 2005 with Christopher Eccleston, and fans are sure to welcome his return with open arms.

While there is currently no set date for the premiere of Jodie Whittaker’s final and John Bishop’s first season of Doctor Who, it has been announced that Season 13 will air this year. So we can likely expect the series to come back to BBC near the end of the year. Hopefully, that positive energy on set will lead into an awesome season, one that's perfect for ushering in a new Doctor - whoever that may be.

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