How The Walking Dead: World Beyond Will Handle Jadis' CRM Return In Season 2

Pollyanna McIntosh as Jadis/Anne in The Walking Dead.

The second and final season of The Walking Dead: World Beyond is almost here and additional details on the final stretch of episodes are slowly but surely coming to light. Earlier this month, it was announced that Season 2 would feature the return of Pollyanna McIntosh's iconic villain Jadis, who originated on Walking Dead. It was also revealed that fans will be learning just what happened after she and Andrew Lincoln’s Rick Grimes flew off into the unknown in that helicopter. Plus, they'll also get an understanding of the alliances she’s made over the years. Now, World Beyond co-creator Matt Negrete has provided some additional details in regard to how the series will handle Jadis’ long-awaited reappearance.

The cast of The Walking Dead: World Beyond talked with EW, in anticipation of New York Comic Con, to discuss the show. While it’s just been three years since Pollyanna McIntosh left the franchise, she's actually been six years within the world of the show. And as you would imagine, she's been quite busy in that time. Matt Negrete didn't reveal too much in regard to Jadis' exact exploits, but his comments indicate that her return will be well worth the wait:

Six years have gone by and we're not going to ignore those six years that passed in between her leaving that show and coming onto this show. She will be talking a bit about what happened to her after she climbed on that helicopter with Rick. And I do think, from a Walking Dead fan perspective, that's going to be very intriguing for a lot of people watching.

Jadis quickly became a favorite on The Walking Dead, as both a villain and a hero, and she's proven to be a complex character. Given that so much time has passed, things are sure to have changed for her significantly. So will she still be the same Jadis fans have grown to know and love? Matt Negrete spoke to this, saying:

It's been amazing having her on the show. Because Jadis, to me, has always been such an interesting character. She's very ambitious. And she's a survivor. And she'll do, basically, whatever she has to and become whoever she has to become to survive. We saw that on Walking Dead when she became the leader of this group that lived in this trash heap. And now we're seeing a very different iteration of Jadis, where she's got some new objectives, some new goals. In a lot of ways she's the same old Jadis, but we're going to be seeing some new sides of her that I'm excited for everyone to check out.

At the very least, we can assume that Jadis and the CRM are going to make some serious noise during the second and final season of The Walking Dead: World Beyond. Be sure to tune in when Season 2 premieres Sunday, October 3, at 10 p.m. ET on AMC! And in the meantime, check out CinemaBlend’s fall 2021 TV schedule to learn about the other shows you can look forward to in the coming months.

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