The Walking Dead: World Beyond Adds A Walking Dead Fan Favorite For Season 2

Pollyanna McIntosh as Jadis in The Walking Dead.

Season 2 of AMC’s The Walking Dead: World Beyond is getting another addition to the cast! The Walking Dead fan favorite Pollyanna McIntosh will be reprising her role as Jadis in the upcoming ten-episode second season of the TWD spin-off.

Pollyanna McIntosh is returning to TWD universe for the upcoming second and final season of World Beyond, which will conclude Iris, Hope, Elton and Silas' story. They have journeyed across the country on a mission that has changed everything they once knew, and Jadis will be part of however that journey comes to a close. Pollyanna McIntosh, who last appeared on The Walking Dead in 2018, shared her thoughts on the opportunity to play Jadis again after so long:

I love the character of Jadis and I love this world so getting to inhabit her again in collaboration with the talented team at The Walking Dead: World Beyond in beautiful Richmond, Virginia was a joy. I hope audiences will catch up with the first season now so they can fully enjoy this epic final season in October.

It’s been a while since fans last saw Jadis back in Season 9 when she airlifted Andrew Lincoln’s Rick out of harm’s way and the two flew off into the unknown. Just what has happened between then and now? The Walking Dead: World Beyond co-creator Scott M. Gimple promised that fans will know what has happened and where Jadis is now in the story as some years have passed:

In our story, years have passed -- we’ll get hints of what happened with that fateful helicopter ride and learn Jadis has new allies and alliances; she is a big part of connecting the CRM and Three Circles mythology that’s seen throughout all three series. We can’t wait to share it all with fans of the TWDU.

Just what kind of role will Jadis/Anne have in the final season of World Beyond? It’s hard to tell, but she can be heard in the trailer saying that her “purpose is to create a new era on this planet.” In the time that she’s been gone, Jadis has been able to form new alliances, but is it for the better or for the worse for the World Beyond leads? Check out the trailer for yourself:

Jadis always has been one to fool people, but it’s why she’s loved by so many. While it’s unknown what kind of part she’ll play in Season 2, there’s no doubt that this crossover of a Walking Dead character is something to look forward to. Don’t miss Pollyanna McIntosh's return to The Walking Dead Universe in Season 2 of The Walking Dead: World Beyond on October 3 at 10 p.m. EST on AMC! All episodes will be available a week early on AMC+ beginning on September 26.

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