How FBI: Most Wanted Is Handling Kellan Lutz's Departure As Kenny Crosby In Season 3


Spoilers ahead for the second episode of FBI: Most Wanted Season 3 on CBS, called "Patriots."

FBI: Most Wanted returned to its regular time slot following the big three-hour crossover that launched the third season, with the first episode since Kellan Lutz bowed out of Most Wanted as a series regular. The case of the week was an intense one, with Jess and the rest chasing down a fugitive from the Capitol insurrection, but there wasn't so much going on that Most Wanted couldn't take the time to address Kenny Crosby's absence. And for me, FBI: Most Wanted is handling it just right.

Kenny Crosby wasn't killed off of FBI: Most Wanted, although he did take a bullet and came close to death more than once in the crossover with FBI and FBI: International, so Jess and Co. are dealing with his absence rather than his death. Fortunately, the show didn't just move on with new character Kristin Gaines without acknowledging the teammate they'd lost due to a grievous injury. In the first team scene of the episode, Jess had an announcement to make about Crosby:

Crosby is home with his family, and his doctors are optimistic, but he’s got a long road ahead of him. I’m sure he’d like hearing from you if you get the chance.

Barnes responded that she sent him flowers just the day before, and Ortiz said that he sent him "a whole brisket from Texas" that should "last him a day." It was a nice way to acknowledge Crosby to start the first episode without Kellan Lutz as a regular, particularly considering the circumstances of the actor's departure.

Crosby wasn't written out because FBI: Most Wanted wanted to get rid of the character or any bad blood behind the scenes, but rather because Kellan Lutz decided that he needed to spend time with his family after a difficult year. Lutz also hasn't ruled out returning as Crosby someday, so I for one am glad that Most Wanted was sure to shout him out a few times in "Patriots."

And FBI: Most Wanted doing right by Crosby and Kellan Lutz makes it easier (for me, at least) to be enthusiastic about Alexa Davalos' Kristin Gaines as the new member of the team. She doesn't feel like a replacement, but rather somebody who joined the team to make it even stronger and more effective. She also proved that she deserved her spot on the team, so it's hard to imagine a better way for Most Wanted to fill the vacancy on the team.

Plus, Jess also had some good news with regard to the other member of the team who hasn't appeared in Season 3 so far: Hana Gibson. Unlike actor Nathaniel Arcand, who left FBI: Most Wanted as Clinton Skye, actress Keisha Castle-Hughes is still a part of the cast. According to Jess, Hana's absence to help her mom isn't going to last too much longer. He said:

Hana’s sister is moving to Connecticut to be with their mother. So we should have her back in the next few weeks.

So, Hana is coming back, Kristin Gaines is a great addition to the team, and Kenny Crosby is gone (for now) but not forgotten. All things considered, Season 3 is shaping up to take the action in some exciting new directions, even as some of the characters still deal with the aftermath of the deadly cliffhanger from the end of Season 2.

Crosby and Jess may have stopped Lou from getting to Tali and Sarah, but a man being shot and killed in the dining room of the house where they still live has clearly affected the little family unit, and it looks like Tali at least won't be moving past it any time too soon. See what happens next in this new era of FBI: Most Wanted with episodes airing on Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET on CBS, following FBI: International at 9 p.m. ET and FBI at 8 p.m. ET. More crossovers between the FBIs are on the way, so be sure to tune in!

Laura Hurley
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