You could actually see Game of Thrones star Kit Harington in the crowds at Wimbledon this past weekend, which definitely sparked some rumors, but Harington and tennis are coming together in a much more important and memorable way for HBO’s upcoming comedy special 7 Days in Hell. This could very well be the greatest thing that Harington has ever been a part of – indubitably – and it will hopefully spawn a neverending supply of similar specials. This shit is amazing.

Because it’s far from your average TV program, 7 Days in Hell is a hard surface sell as far as convincing people to watch goes, so here are the three main reasons why your asses should be locked to your couches this weekend when it premieres on HBO. More like Humor Box Office, amirite?

7 days in hell
TV Spoofs Don’t Get Better Than This
“Spoof” is almost a dirty word these days, bringing to mind the downward spiral the comedic sub-genre has gone through in the 21st century, but 7 Days in Hell is pitch perfect in aping every facet of controversy-minded docu-series, particularly that of ESPN’s highly acclaimed 30 for 30. The story revolves around a once-in-a-lifetime tennis match between Andy Samberg’s egotistical legend-turned-hasbeen Aaron Williams and the latest badass on the court, Kit Harington’s Charles Poole. Viewers see their bizarrely unpredictable stories told through visual media like home videos, old interview footage, and talking head interviews with a long list of famous faces. (More on that later.) Thankfully, this special easily manages to stand out in a growing assortment of mockumentary-type shows on the boob tube, and with just a 45-minute runtime, it doesn’t outlast its welcome.

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