I actually think terriers are great dogs, and if they're endangered or trapped in a well or something, then by all means, we should save them, but this article is about the TV series on FX (which has almost nothing to do with actual dogs). As December approaches, a certain reality is creeping up on me. Terriers is about to wrap up for the season, after which at some point FX will make their decision as to whether or not to pick the series up for a second season. I’m here to ask (beg) FX to give Terriers a do-over because I really don’t want to see this series added to the “shows that were cancelled too soon” list.

While I appeal to you, casual and hardcore Terriers fans alike to watch Wednesday night’s season finale (10 p.m. ET on FX!) to give the show its best ratings yet, I would also like to appeal to FX to give Terriers another chance. The thought of the series not returning for a second season feels like a real loss for TV and for FX’s original programming line-up.

The ratings haven’t been great. We know that. But the show still has potential to grow an audience. If there’s one thing Terriers has going for it, it’s that this is a show that viewers can start watching mid-season or at the beginning of Season 2. (Beg.)

Terriers has more than one thing going for it. I don’t think the low numbers are the result of the writing, acting or some kind of flaw in the series. As a viewer of the show, I like the Terriers teasers with the dog. They’re cute and funny and remind me to watch the show but what do they really do for people who have never seen the show and therefore, don’t know what it’s about? What do those teasers really tell them about Terriers? Is it about dogs? Is it a comedy? Is it a drama? Where does it take place? Why should I watch?

Instead of cute dogs with chew-toys and (awesome) theme music, how about more promotions featuring some of the great dialog between the characters? Here’s a prime example of a random moment that might make people think this is a show for them.

A promo with thirty seconds of Hank and Britt dialog (or even a fifteen second teaser) that emphasizes the excellent dynamic of these two characters could be a big selling point for the show. The above clip doesn’t necessarily mislead potential viewers by selling a comedy but it does sell humor and the sort of realistic brotherly thing going on between the two main characters. It also emphasizes the mix of their personal and professional relationship. And it sells the writing and the simple brilliance of random moments, which is one thing this show excels at in every episode.

I’m not one to advocate for gimmicks in a series and this includes dragging in guest stars to spice up the show. Terriers really doesn’t need to be spiced up, however since it does need more attention, why not reunite stars Donal Logue or Michael Raymond-James with a co-star from one of their previous series? People love True Blood, they loved ER, Life and Grounded for Life. I’d personally love to see Nelsan Ellis, Ryan Kwanten, Kevin Corrigan, and/or Damian Lewis appear in Terriers in some recurring or stand-alone episode capacity.

I’ve also seen suggestions about a Veronica Mars/Terriers mash-up. Given that VM was also an excellent private-detective series situated in Southern California, I can see the connection and there is certainly no shortage of excellent actors from that series (Kristen Bell, Enrico Colantoni, Francis Capra, Jason Dohring, Percy Daggs III, Tina Majorino, etc). So again, as anti-guest-star gimmicks as I am, I’d be more than willing to make an exception on my stance if it meant seeing one or more of any of the above mentioned stars appear in Terriers and this could be a great way to get new viewers on board.

And so to FX, I say this: Terriers isn’t a lost cause! If you’re still on the fence or leaning toward cancellation, please take a second look and recognize the level of quality programming you have in this show. It’s funny and dark and clever and offers an alternative to so many other more predictable, less intelligent series on TV today. Please give Terriers a second season. We want more!

If you’re a fan of Terriers, send an email to [email protected] letting FX know you love the show and want more too!

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